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Moriah's Soul-Based Tools for Therapeutic Exploration


All of these approaches serve a purpose: It is a time-efficient process that helps the clients get to the foundation of the problem as quickly as possible, with someone who is caring, nonjudgmental, insightful, objective, intuitive and can be a support by their side.

astrology - therapy tools


To assist in this process, I do an astrology chart on each of my clients, which gives me considerable insight into their life. It provides a revealing look into their natural character, with its inherent strengths and challenges.

The chart describes childhood patterns that shape the client's adulthood. This gives the client the opportunity to make conscious life choices rather than be caught in the programming from parents and other childhood authority figures that may have been repressive.

The chart is like a map that offers guidance for life purpose, life lessons and self-actualization. It provides incredible insight and acceptance not only for the individual but also for his/her partner. Unlike generalized horoscopes written for the newspaper, my individual astrology charts are comprehensive and uniquely specific to the client.

I have been studying astrology since 1970 and consider it an indispensable tool that is amazingly accurate in its description of an individual's make-up.


dream analysis

Dream Analysis

If the clients can remember any dreams, even a dream fragment, these too, give additional understanding of what is troubling them.

Many people suffer from depression, feel out of control and helpless, because their unconscious often sabotages and restricts any attempts to improve their lives. Because this self-sabotage stems from the unconscious, it is difficult to identify the obstructive patterns that override the client's efforts to change and feel uplifted.

Dreams are a powerful way to access the unconscious. They unearth deeper feelings that are normally hard to identify. Dream images describe the most pressing issues that are affecting the client's waking life. They reveal conflicts, old wounds, desires, talents, soul purpose and wisdom.

This information helps the client to better know themselves, dislodge stuck places, feel empowered and in charge of their lives. Because relationships stir up unconscious patterns in people, dreams are very helpful in bringing to light the deeper issues being activated by the dynamics in the relationship. Once these issues are addressed, the painful dynamics change to ones of cooperation, understanding, acceptance and love.

I have been analyzing dreams since 1989 and have a gifted ability to crack the riddle in each dream that ultimately reveals important messages for the clients and the relationship.


the tibetan

Soul Perspective from the Tibetan

The Tibetan holds a greater vantage point on the development and learning curve of the soul's journey in this lifetime. He guides Moriah's approach to include karmic issues and lessons that need to be addressed. This enhances the work with a rich overtone of the soul's evolution and the greater purpose of the client's life.


meditation - therapy tools


The clients' work doesn't end after we finish the conversation. I give assignments to do between calls/visits, which we discuss in our next session. This provides a way to apply at home what is learned in session.


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