Then and Now--excerpt from Making The Shift by Moriah Marston


Then and Now-An excerpt from Making the Shift

I have been a conscious channel for Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, known as Master DK or the Tibetan, since 1986.  My husband, Zayne, and I have run the School of the Golden Discs, a center for metaphysical exploration, since it was founded in 1991.  Master Djwhal Khul is the headmaster of the school. This book is a blend of the Tibetan’s profound perspective and my psychological background...We are all natural channels.  Whether we are conscious of it or not, humanity is hard wired to receive guidance, teaching, wisdom and creative inspiration from higher sources. We are like radio stations that are capable of picking up finely-tuned frequencies.  Allow this book to stimulate your own channel and access to the greater picture. This amplifies an inner light that illuminates your journey into the mystery of this time of extraordinary transformation.

In 2003 I was guided by the Tibetan to begin writing this book in order to address the central issues that humankind was and would be increasingly facing in the upcoming years.  His intent was to help us prepare for tremendous change.

The Tibetan’s description of the nearing future made sense to me and deeply resonated within my soul.  Yet I struggled with what seemed to be a huge gap between his description of our destiny and the state of my consciousness at the time.  Still entrenched in third dimensional reality and far from the transformation of consciousness that he prophesied, I did not feel ready to confidently present his teachings.

What I was able to language through my intuitive link with this great teacher is now finally activated in my own personal experience. While still undergoing tremendous change, I can see the distant shore that he so lovingly describes. I am ready to release this book to the public with a keen knowing that the time is now.

This book reflects my desire to make sense of life in 2011, as a fellow human being, a committed light worker and a student of the Masters who guide humanity through the harrowing journey into collective awakening.  I do not claim to be any further along this new pathway than others. Yet, I believe that when we share our experience of this relentless transformative thrust, together we realize the magnitude of what is unfolding in our world.

Regardless of many years of experience as a therapist, astrologer, dream worker and channel for an ascended master, I am still subject to this crazy roller coast ride. I know only too well that there are no safety belts for this excursion, just the divine mandate to trust what will emerge.  I write this book to resolve any remaining confusion, to remind myself of this wondrous transformation and to ask the reader to join me in collaborating with the Divine Plan and actively assist in this birth.

There is so much promise that awaits us.  We are finally learning to touch our souls.  We are maturing.  We are the bringers of the new dawn who serve as agents to the Higher Forces.

The more than we can make this process of transformation conscious, the quicker we will shift into a new perspective on human life that allows us to see the bigger picture.  Otherwise, bewildered as to where all of this is taking us, we feel like victims of a strange time on the planet as we sense the old way of things slipping through our fingers into a sea of chaos.

Humankind is now walking the razor’s edge. There is no other place to go but forward.  We must make a significant shift in consciousness.  We are all equally experiencing the same process even if our outer lives are different.  Internally we are being bombarded by extraordinary vibrations that evoke the same process within all of us, regardless of race, age, wealth, status, politics and education.  The purpose of this book is to name this process so that we can orient ourselves on the path into the new consciousness.

The words in this book carry energy from the Tibetan that will catalyze and accelerate the reader’s experience of awakening. You may feel a sense of internal pressure because the Tibetan’s words invoke your own personal recognition of immediacy— today’s rapid evolutionary acceleration.  Allow this pressure to be a loving push from the spirit plane for the reader to joyfully step forward into a new consciousness.

Currently all of us are subject to a tremendous evolutionary growth curve.  A new human being is emerging. We are collectively undergoing total transformation. This does not necessarily happen overnight. Yet, it is a development that is quickening with every passing day.

This process is brand new.  Humankind has never been at such a profound evolutionary juncture, which makes us all ground breakers.  We have no road maps or guides for this collective birth.  So we must rely on each other to validate and support ourselves through this new perceptual journey into a heightened consciousness that will be rooted in a bedrock of spirituality.

We are now required to bring our consciousness into the domain of the soul.  This necessitates that we resolve all unfinished business from previous lifetimes.  In sorting through the profound energies emerging from within that carry past life issues, often reenacted in this life time’s childhood, we may feel overloaded with the work of integration.  May this book assist the reader and lighten the load of such a challenging assignment.

We need support groups for this process.  Please use this book as a helpful tool when gathering together to tackle the supreme task of transformation.  No one is unworthy of or beyond this tremendous process.  This book is a tool that addresses the need to collaborate with the demands of our emerging destiny.  We are called to be very creative in our response to this evolutionary launch while paradoxically surrendering to the divinely mandated work that lies ahead.

The journey of making the shift in consciousness is one of transmutation—adaptation at a fundamental level.  The hardened parts of us, least responsive to the need to acclimate, may find this change painful.  This book is written to ease that discomfort, help focus us on what is most important at this time, provide guidance for how to best collaborate with the Divine Call to open, and compassionately assist us to make contact with unresolved soul congestion in need of healing.  This book serves to stimulate the courage to release our outmoded self and to face the mystery within the interface between the old and new.

Three decades of soul-based psychotherapy practice have provided me with a window into the soul of many others.  This has been an honor and privilege.  I have watched and personally related to the process that we all share as this cosmic push steps up our awakening.  It has been such a gift to recognize in others what I am also experiencing.  Together we are learning to language the new paradigm, accept an unprecedented colossal amount of soul homework and support each other through the rigors of alchemy as we travel into the deepest level of our collective shadow to clear out all residues of illusion and distortion.

In addition to the Tibetan’s teachings, this book includes my observations of the process that both my clients and I are undergoing.  If we can describe this momentous journey, then we can ease the way for others.  This book is simply a reminder that there is something amazing occurring in our collective consciousness and that all of this hard work is not for naught.  Rather, the demands upon us are a sign of today’s opportunity to make tremendous spiritual progress, to liberate the soul from lifetimes of hardship and limiting beliefs and to co-create a brand new understanding of our potential as a human race.

If we can remember what this great work is all about—that we are in the middle of severe labor pains as we birth a new consciousness—then humankind need not fall prey to the despair and sense of impossibility that haunts us in our struggle through corridors of darkness.  I believe that this is a story with a happy ending.  The more optimistic our viewpoint, the more spiritual fuel we access to spark the alchemical fires that burn away the dross which clouds our vision and imprisons us in the old paradigm.

Attitude is everything.  The only control we have is how we relate to this process.  It is hot, demanding, relentless, mind-blowing, effective, efficient, brilliant, disconcerting, challenging, real, human, vulnerable, disintegrating and softening.

There is no need to suffer through these rigorous times.  Suffering springs from the belief that we are collectively caught in an endless loop of miserable darkness, which is heading downhill fast—soon we will succumb to our collective shadow and all will be destroyed.  This is shortsighted.

Please allow this book to remind you to celebrate this process, even in its darkest times.  We are finally being given an opportunity to be truly free.  Yes we have to work for it.  However, the spiritual plane is placing this gift right in front of us.  This field guide is my desire to help us reach out for that gift with an attitude of gratitude, excitement, curiosity and commitment.

The Aquarian Age is an epoch of group awakening. Rather than worship a single guru, we are supposed to teach each other.   Through mutual recognition of this process even the densest areas in our collective shadow begin to dissipate to allow enhanced illumination.

Let’s work together to make the shift.  Let us help each other to not look back.  Gather in groups and share the process.  This allows us to take the bull by the horns and make our consciousness revolution a statement of empowerment, not a victimized tumultuous descent into helplessness.

This book includes my intent to language the new shore that awaits us and the process that gets us there.  This journey involves the acceptance of magic as we engage the Greater Forces at this time of birth.  The shift in consciousness is truly extraordinary, alchemical, natural, wonder-filled, playful, surreal, mysterious and honoring of the imagination.  It is not useful to take ourselves too seriously for that will only tighten up our resistance.  Instead, let’s bring cosmic humor, stay loose, alert and sustain positive expectations.

It is an honor to be alive in 2011 and participate in this time of great change.  Although overwhelmed and cliffhanging alongside the rest of humanity, I can’t help but giggle in delight at the speed in which our old paradigm is falling away.  It helps to remember that we agreed to participate in the revolution when we met with the karmic board before this incarnation.

So why no seize the moment and plunge into the process with absolute confidence that we are truly on our way into a new dimension, a true understanding of holographic reality.  We get to be the pioneers—the first who dare to claim their spiritual birthright while on the earthly plane.  May this book inspire you, comfort you, challenge you and bring us all closer together as we smile in recognition that indeed something wonderful is happening to every one of us!


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