Answering the Higher Call


Chapter excerpt from EARTH SCHOOL: A Fresh Perspective on the Human Conditionby Moriah Marston ©2006

Call Waiting

Lately I’ve been feeling a distinctly potent Call from the higher planes. This Call carries a sense of urgency—ethereal, vague, and undecipherable. I wonder what I’m really tuning in to. Is this just a figment of my imagination? Or is something trying to get through to me, to us? The Tibetan urged me to write about the Call, interrupting our usual conversation with “Call waiting” from the Masters, trying to get our fully conscious attention.

How many of us feel a Call from the higher planes? Do we know how to respond to it? Is it discounted as simply mindless imagination? Are we embarrassed to admit that we may be electronically connected to higher frequencies that spark the synapses in our brain, hooked to some primal code established eons ago, to fire up just when the planet/ universe needs our attention?

 NOW is the time

When we live according to a sense of calling, we can be more sensitive to the Great Call when it is issued. When we live with blinders on, mechanistically moving through our days, it is harder to hear and receive larger messages from the universe. If we ever needed to pay attention, now is the time. With humanity seemingly out of control, everyone teetering on the edge, we need to be as tuned in as possible.

Deciphering the Call

Many of my clients are feeling the pressure of these auspicious times. They intuit that something much larger is being asked of them. Eager to be of help, to ward off and neutralize this awful feeling of collective impotence, we strain to decipher the Call that most of us can only vaguely register in the pit of the stomach, through a strange buzzing in the head or from a feeling of restless imminence.

Trying to decode this amorphous Call, I recognize the message:

We must become very clear on our unique soul’s purpose NOW. Opening to our sense of elevated purpose magnetizes the greater Self within to come out into this world, representing our soul’s highest energetic capacity.

A great birth is occurring: A time to embrace our magnitude and leave obsolete patterns

The Call exclaims, “There is a great birth occurring.” We must gather around, supporting each other, joining forces to act as anchors/ acupuncture needles or magnets for the Higher Forces to assist this stupendous transition. If we can embody our magnitude, our soul’s magnificence, the alchemical balance in this world will dramatically shift to the good.

Terrorists are often trained and then put on hold for years until the day they are given the orders to destroy. We, too, have been trained and put on hold for years—to heal, strengthen, gather wisdom, enjoy earthly life—until we are given the Call. Now is the time—not for destruction, but for CREATION.

The Call impresses on me that we must leave the old paradigm, obsolete patterns filled with stagnant energy that left us dry, blank, dead. We must evolve beyond the dulling resignation of defeatedly accepting whatever life presents us. Collectively, we are being asked to set aside our smaller concerns, not repressing them but rather expanding, daring to include and embody our potentiated Self.

We must challenge ourselves to open our minds to the Horizon of the Original—where all new inventions, breakthroughs and whirling dervishes of revolution, reside—to carry us into the new paradigm where our minds are joined as one.

Our sense of the Call

Putting myself in the Tibetan’s shoes, I would “call” people to claim their souls to stay awake, take the risks and do what they are really passionate about, to open their hearts to each other, to resist going numb, to challenge themselves to see their unique contribution to this current collective spiritual emergence, to be ready at all times to serve, to stop looking back at how things used to be, to speak their truth at all times, to teach others new levels of awareness, to face their shadow. But this is my sense of the Call. What is yours?

What does it mean to receive our “induction papers” from the Universe? If we receive these papers, do we consider going AWOL from the cosmic army? Do we wish to postpone our stint in “the service” and continue going numb, burrowing into complacency to wait out this horror show. I hate being told what to do. Being a rebellious Aquarius, I don’t like take orders from anyone, including the Masters! But not even my obstinate spirit can withstand the roar of cosmic marching orders as they are delivered to me through this great CALL.

Battle of dark and Light within

Where are these induction papers sending us? What are we being called to do? What can we do? In the war between the Light and dark forces, is the real front simply within as we battle ourselves, always at odds with who we truly are?

Many of us feel hopeless in the face of world events. We don’t know whether to be politically active, to pray/meditate or simply to hope for the best. Overwhelmed by the current wave of chaotic destruction, my own powerlessness sets in when I view our world. I want to fall to my knees in despair and curse the karmic board for sending me to incarnate at a time in human history when so much seems to be going wrong.

We must mature & step up to the plate

The Tibetan urges us to recognize that we must mature, step out of the playpen, and take responsibility for every thought, feeling, and deed. Lazily we put it off—maybe next week, year or lifetime—when we are ready. There is no way to feel ready for this unprecedented collective process. Ready or not, the time has come. Selfish egos aside, we can no longer indulge insular narcissistic agendas. 

The Tibetan emphasizes that now is the time to “get spiritual.” Aren’t we already spiritual? I assume we must shift our focus and values to more urgent Universal demands. We must open our eyes, ears, and hearts to the CALL.

What does it mean to step up to the plate when we have no point of reference for this time in history? When we have so much power to self-destruct and yet, paradoxically, are more united in consciousness as a global village than ever before. For me, stepping up to the plate means that I can no longer hide my Light, dwell in fear, postpone karmic homework, be too tired, too lazy, or too numb, claim “I didn’t know,” or indulge in feeling lost/ unloved/ abandoned/ betrayed.

Overcoming the negative voice

Struggling to respond to this persistent, internal, nudging Call, I wonder how to direct the pressure. Fearful of despair undermining my idealism, I hold back my passion and belief that collectively we can transform the world, and shamefully settle into mediocrity, collapsed by the inevitable “limitations” of the physical plane.

It’s so easy to get distracted from the Call. I’m too busy, exhausted, confused, downright frightened, and would much rather withdraw and wait it out. My ego cautions me about sounding delusional: “There is no Great Call, whatever you think you hear, keep it to yourself. Don’t share these higher impressions a knowings with anyone or they’ll write you off as a flaky New-Ager, some Pollyanna with her feet in the clouds.”

But at age 54, I’m old enough to know better. I have never felt more purposeful, driven and determined not to waste a minute, tenaciously holding my own feet to the coals—laboring to stay conscious and open my ears to the Call—the directives from on high instructing us how to successfully birth this “New Cosmic Day.”

Staying conscious, opening to unification and recognizing our gifts

If we can’t freely share common impressions on what is REALLY going on here, how can we unite our force fields to transmute the dark grid of negativity devouring our world? The Call insists: Stop living at the level of ego. Stay awake and tuned in. Trust that humanity is not simply in a nightmare with a horrendous ending. Most importantly, we are being called to discover our unique gifts to this world and each other, and to recognize how these gifts are an integral part the emerging new consciousness being born as we walk this dangerous razor’s edge together into unified consciousness.

The Tibetan Responds

The Tibetan strides forward, hard-wired to my questions as they magnetize his consciousness into mine. He summons:

CALLING all light workers, teachers, channels of love, students who dare to express their truth. The Masters ask humankind to sign a cosmic petition to end the old paradigm—to join as One. To view many names on a petition demonstrates that self is not alone. This communal awareness allows students to open their collective force field and recognize their birthright, authority, and contract to assist in ushering in the New Cosmic Day. This requires rigorous clearing, self-examination, braving the corridors of the shadow where stored on-going karmic afflictions are waiting to be touched, healed and integrated.

Dare to embody the Light at the most potent level imagined. Then multiply this Light times 10,000. At least do that much. There is no time to be off-duty. Know that self can transform much faster than ever imagined. Whatever breakthroughs self experiences need to be communicated, shared, expressed. With full consciousness of the darkened energies surfacing for final resolution, dare to be positive.

Remember that all make it to the threshold of awakening, and that the earth herself is held within a Universe of Love. Then create a plan of action. Commit to it. Start eliminating all aspects of life that are meaningless, at odds with self’s sense of purpose.

Don’t underestimate the impact of just one student’s full ensoulment, radiant in light, on the collective consciousness. Receive the joy of being propelled by an inner force that knows exactly what self signed up to do before this incarnation. Self’s mission need not be unduly dramatic, sacrificial, overwhelming. It may be fulfilled through humble, subtle levels of contribution that are no less impactful. Ironically, it is the subtle energy that carries the Call. This subtle energy is streaming in to conduct the rarefied vibrations of the New Cosmic Day.

Students are Called to refine their ears, eyes, hearts to attune to the subtle nuances of higher, refined, etheric energies. When trying to decipher a newspaper written in a foreign language, self has the opportunity to feel the energy from the words, subtly picking up the message carried within the form. Trust self’s intuition. Don’t question it to death but rather embrace this knowing with the innocence of a child trusting that the play will emerge. This trust opens portholes of perception. Soon self recognizes the meaning of the newspaper’s foreign words.

“Release pride. Ask each other for help with this experiment. Don’t allow the ego to convince you to hold on to outmoded models of learning. Humbly sit in the Mystery as it impresses the Call on your heart, igniting a soul agreement made well before this incarnation. Know that self has a uniquely important contribution to make and it must be made now! Don’t worry about self’s imperfections. Continue to improve character, thought, deed as self goes forth—the imperfect warrior of light daring to mix with all of the frailties, vulnerabilities and illusions of the human condition.

“Humankind’s greatest illusions are the following: Self can’t make a difference. Self isn’t enough. Self isn’t worthy. These are all constructs that feed darkened energies, closing in their deadly grip on the earthly plane. Don’t underestimate self’s impact. It is time to consider self’s mastery. Pretend to be a Master. Go forth as if self’s spiritual life were the most important event in the Universe. Yes, continue to have the feet on the ground, deeply rooted into mother earth, while daring to IMAGINE a new world. Then do whatever self feels CALLED to do.

Follow the pathway of least resistance, holding the channels of grace well-developed in previous lives that are now storehouses of the soul’s gifts, so that those gifts can be offered at this time for a very precise reason. Practice generosity. Share self’s gifts eagerly, unconditionally, knowing that they carry just the right ingredients for the collective soup that is cooking humankind into its full awakening. Commit to listening within, every morning, mid-day, evening. This weaves one’s externalized consciousness into the sacred fabric of the soul, calling it forth.

As the Masters issue the Call, so too, do the students issue the Call urging their own souls to emerge—urging each other to transform—and urging the world to make its leap. Holding hands at the edge of the cliff, millions of souls take the leap together, demonstrating the trust, wonder, excitement of responding to the Call that moves all of humankind to a greater world in consciousness. This is a time of Renaissance of Spirit – where all illusions of negativity, destruction and suffering melt into the waters of Cosmic Love and are overtaken by this burning mandate for liberation. Hear the Call. Respond to the Call. Be the Call. All will KNOW. And all will be served.

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