The Razor's Edge


It is strange to consider that as our awareness widens, our path narrows. Early on in our experience on the earth plane innocence is bliss. Our youthful soul perspective on the human condition allows us lots of room for experimentation and exploration. This is the time to explore the many spiritual pathways available to us, just as children play dress-up and fantasize about all the possibilities that life may offer.

We have a broad range of experiencing to do in order to begin to attune to the true nature of the human condition. Although we are held in Lady Fate’s container, there is still much room to employ our free will as we stumble in and out of lifetimes of challenges, lessons, illusion, and development.


As we evolve and begin to understand and master the human condition, we are required to begin to refine our soul’s unique expression in form. Our pathway becomes a reflection of our individual soul’s mandate. This is a very specific differentiation from the Oneness that is Source.

Our awakening comes as our ego surrenders to our Higher Self. In this surrender, the ego accepts the function of focusing the unique quality of its Higher Self. At this point the path narrows as we embody the special soul energy that belongs to us individually.


We find ourselves most comfortable, joyful and energetic when we are walking our own particular pathway. While earlier on in our evolution we delighted in trying on all kinds of earth forms as an expression of our Higher Selves, we now feel distinctly out-of-sorts if we attempt to play out a life path that is not uniquely ours.

We move from participation in the collective fundamental pathway to an individual journey that is mystical and highly differentiated according to the light and sound uniquely expressed through our Higher Self. Initially this can be a lonely experience as we reluctantly leave our collective tribe to respond to the unique call of our own soul.

However, the fulfillment that we experience as we feel that soul energetic “click” surpasses our memories of past homogenization with the mainstream of humanity. Ironically, as we align with our individual soul, we are able to deepen our acceptance of the state of oneness that we share with all beings.

The razor’s edge illustrates the experience of narrowness that our pathway takes on as we totally surrender our personality/ego self to our Higher Self’s purpose. The Higher Self is very specific in its needs and expression. There is little room for “fudging it” because of the discrepancy in vibratory rate that occurs if we are not impeccable in the representation of our soul.

As our awareness increases, any inconsistency between personality expression and soul embodiment is experienced as painful, heavy, “off,” confusing, unauthentic, depressing and limiting. This gives us the feeling that we cannot get away with anything anymore. As soon as we stray from our soul’s mandate there is an instant, energetic ramification that we may have been blissfully unaware of in previous lives.

Although our pathway becomes a razor’s edge in its specificity, it feels expansive. However, if we are out of alignment with our particular soul’s expression, all the experiential freedom in the world would still feel terribly limiting. Because energy creates more energy, the more that we walk our soul’s walk, the less we are able to walk any other path. The energy compounds upon itself, naturally purifying and refining itself to the point that it is indeed the razor’s edge. If we fall from this very particular vibration, it feels like a fall from grace.

Our egos would love to tempt us into leaving our unique walkway in order to have the “freedom” to experience what other people get to experience, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” This freedom rapidly becomes a prison of dissatisfaction as we feel cut off from our true purpose which is to embody our own unique soul and anchor it in our human condition. So, let us rejoice in the apparent limitation of the razor’s edge as it ultimately gives us our Universal Self.


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