From the Eyes of a Child


Magical Child 2 
Chapter excerpt from Making the Shift: Field Guide to the Emerging Consciousness Volume 1

By Moriah Marston & the Tibetan,


Most of us are often entangled in adulthood. Daily demands of maturity override our innate childlike sparkle.  We believe that the inner child is less important than the adult self and fear that an unleashed inner child could dismantle our life. 


The Tibetan encourages us to embrace and acknowledge the magical child as the link into the new consciousness.  The magical child is the part of us that is pure, spontaneous, playful, fresh, excited, full of wonder, curious, trusting of the mystery, and wise.  In infancy and early childhood our psychic doors are wide open.  We see through the veils, hear the song of the Universe, are in contact with beloveds in spirit, and remember past lives.  


Then supersensory doors shut. The magical child is obscured under family and community conditioning, demands to be mature and responsible. As well, the child experiences a lack of support for the mystical perspective that validates the “imaginary realm” usually disdained by adults. In addition, an inevitable shattering of innocence—a trauma, crisis, or long-term wearing away of mystical play—plunges us onto the solemn ground of “reality.”  Sadly, the magical child is buried, sometimes forgotten for an entire lifetime. 


The adult runs the show and only “indulges” the inner child self on holidays, vacations, at the movies, and in fleeting moments when no one is looking. Our attachment to being credible, responsible and respected compels us to send our child self to her inner room, ignored and discounted. But then we get cranky for no reason and feel drab, staid and humorless. 


Who decided that the inner child should take the back seat to the adult? Aren’t they both equal in importance to our wholeness? To diminish the inner child as insignificant stultifies and deadens our central core where the magical child resides.  Energy is blocked, unable to stream through the magical child, creating a disturbing imbalance in the psyche. We forget that the magical child even exists, as a vague lackluster bestirs a yearning for something more in life. 


The magical child expresses our natural state of being. Society bridles the inner child’s wildness and conditions us to fear our unsophisticated, ingenuous, spontaneous, and unconstrained essential individuality.  Afraid of losing control and possibly being rejected by the community, we become tightly wrapped. We keep the magical child’s play at bay; we are determined not to be a fool. So the dismissed magical child, like a shy animal who lives in the woods, waits at the edge to be invited out.


We are now being asked to reclaim the magical child, to believe it, embody and celebrate its presence.  We need to trust this great Keeper of Wonder. The magical child transforms our life from a black and white movie to dazzling Technicolor. A happily expressed magical child issues cascades of creative pizzazz that infuse each moment with glittering, gleaming potential. Every day becomes special regardless of our duties and obligations. 


Many of us have explored inner terrain in therapy and become acquainted with our wounded child. We probably have spent hours connecting with and sending love to that hurt child for healing.  We often connect to the inner child’s moments of shattered innocence to release frozen emotions, a profound work crucial to our transformation. However, sometimes this self-examination creates a relationship with the inner child based only on pain, wounds, and trauma.  


While this loving attention is healing, we often reference only the childhood hurts and forget to access the pre-wounded magical child who is eclipsed by the wounded child.  We assume that when the inner child stops hurting, our delving is finished.  But it has only just begun!  Then it is time to call out the magical child waiting in the wings. 


Otherwise, the only venue for the magical child’s expression is through the wounded child. This rejection and denial of the magical child would exacerbate already inflamed childhood injuries.  If we expect only the wounded child to surface, our preconceptions may ironically keep recycling these hurts because we lack a reference point for the magical child who hid behind the wounded child to safeguard the magic. We may be afraid to look at life through the eyes of a child because we fear that it would cause us to relive the nightmares of the wounded child. So we retreat into adulthood in attempt to leave childhood far behind.


If having known only the wounded child, we might believe that our magical child never existed or was destroyed by childhood torments. But nothing can extinguish this divine spark of being who is so present and eager to connect. We need to create a relationship between the magical and wounded child so that the magical child can teach the wounded child trust and openness. Our adult self can parent the wounded child. But it is the magical child who can re-infuse the wounded child with a natural wellspring of wonder. Then the wounded child is no longer isolated and joyless.


How do we evoke this magical being? I am always delighted when my magical child pops up at the most unexpected times and fills the moment with happiness, wonder, and MAGIC! Unable to demand that she surface, I enthusiastically let her know how special it is when she arrives.  I coax her out by releasing preconceived notions, remembering to breathe, relaxing, opening to the flowing energy of nature, trusting myself, following joy, laughing out loud at my no-nonsense seriousness, and chucking the need for formality-based credibility. I become tender and sweet with myself, as I ditch my mission-heavy sense of obligation, and play more than work, and live life as a cosmic game.


The popularity of Harry Potter and other magical books and movies indicates the openness of the collective consciousness to the magical child. We are beginning to trust that she really does exist inside us. Ironically, far from being an obstacle to adulthood, we are not fully grown up until this extraordinary cherub is linked into our heart-soul and cherished for his exquisite wisdom—unburdened by ponderous reflection—a happy Knower of the Mysterious Magical Realm. 


Adulthood isn’t simply a contrived maturity based on a dulling sense of responsibility, predictability, and doggedness. Rather, it is a wide platform of dominion that includes the keys to the car.  We are free to be in charge of our lives while inspired and excited as the magical child shares the front seat, interpreting and drawing outside the lines of the Map of our Path, and supplying the pizzazz to skip along the yellow brick road of life eager to see what's around the next corner of the Mystery.


The Tibetan displays his dancing magical child aglow with jovial, spirited delight and mirth.  He teaches:


 “The magical child is the Eternal Child who fills the soul with quintessential innocence, freshness, purity, openness, and a resounding YES to all that is. This child gambols on the Tree of Life, unafraid to go out on a limb, calling to the Universe to come out to play. The Divine Youngster’s genius animates a dazzling creativity proudly displayed to Source for loving attention. She floods the soul with bottomless JOY and knows that all is well in the Universe.  This Cosmic Youth trusts the Divine Plan’s orchestration of the self’s individual Path and opens fully in each moment to receive the boundless gifts showering the soul. 


The magical child is the Gateway to the new consciousness. The new paradigm represents such a dramatic shift into collective JOY—truly a golden age—that it takes the vision of the magical child to actually register the augmented shimmering quality of the energy currently impacting humankind.  Otherwise people, entrenched in usual expectations of ‘normal’ reality, are blind to what is unfolding right in front of them. Because the veils are thinning, the Masters can appear in full manifestation. Yet, humankind’s brain is programmed to allow in only minuscule bits of Light and therefore is unable to register inter-dimensional form. The magical child exists in multidimensionality—experiences all aspects of Light manifestation and especially Love which provides the sensitivity to hear messages from the Angelic Force. 


The Wizardry Youth automatically receives the supersensory gifts of the new consciousness—the clairvoyance, telepathy, and clairaudience that unveil and clarify the larger reality based in the Magical Realm. This dimension issues the Great Forces of Being. The magical child is the connecting link to the Masters, the Angelic Force, and the extraterrestrial family. She eagerly serves to make the loving hookup between the student and the Masters real and tangibly recognizable. Once the student experiences this bridge at a fully conscious level, he reaps tremendous benefit from deep communion with the Masters.


The magical child, with eyes wide open, serves humankind by recognizing and invoking the dimension of the soul that brings an everlasting youth to lighten the heavy load carried through all incarnations. The Divine Child is the essence of spontaneity that wholeheartedly embraces the improvisational becoming process of Source Itself. The outcome is a tremendous creative channel that overflows with possibilities.  The magical child’s endless curiosity, coupled with a brightness that creates an overlay of exquisite vividness and freshness, leaves no stone unturned in the quest for greater realms of magic. 


Unburdened by expectations and false conclusions, the Eternal Child holds the blank canvas on which to paint the Mystery’s present moment. Her purity dispels all cynicism and hardened defenses; self is now available for extensive contact with all dimensions. Collaborate with the transition into the new paradigm by using the imagination to look through the eyes of the magical child who gives permission to exist in the magical realm and brings a playfulness that opens the channel for access to higher realms of consciousness.    


The magical child is the Wisdom Keeper who, from his exploration of the Tree of Life and all of its mighty branches, knows the Universal Truth. This wonderful youngster brings boundless gifts and wants nothing more than to help with self’s mission. Don’t be shy.  Simply unleash the magical child into all areas of life and get ready for reams of fun, surprise, laughter, creativity, aliveness, authenticity, and excitement.  The Masters frolic with humankind’s child-self. Together we create Fields of Amusement that evolve the Universe into ever widening circles of Delight.”





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