Unconditional Joy


excerpted from Making the Shift: Field Guide to the Emerging Consciousness, Volume 2
by Moriah Marston & the Tibetan

Joy—what a familiar word, and yet such an infrequent experience for most people. What has removed us from our joy? As we rush through life, we often don’t take the time to feel a deep and constant level of happiness. Some of us don’t even know how to recognize the experience of true joy. And many of us simply don’t trust it.

 Are you ready for Unconditional Joy to be the essential background music to your life? Does this idea seem preposterous? If so, why?

Why do we condition ourselves to accept being just OK? Does the ceiling of OK give us enough “head room” for the crown chakra to expand and for our third eye to reach far vistas of possibility? We often feel crowded by life on the earthly plane, closed in by the dulling circumference of “not too bad.”

Many of us tend to unconsciously orient ourselves to the negative when scanning the personal barometer for our inner weather system. We assume that clouds, rain, sleet, hail will prevail over sunshine. It seems that clear skies in our psyches are usually crowded out by something “overcast” that blunts the brilliance of our birthright of Joy. So we slog through life forgetting to notice if we have fulfilled our joy potential. Instead we concentrate on just getting through the day and staying out of the clutches of depression, dread, emptiness, boredom and unhappiness.

Consequently, our innate measuring tools for Unconditional Joy have atrophied into feeble whispers that attempt to remind us of a state of profound well-being that seems to exist at an unreachable height. Instead we focus our perception of joy onto ephemeral moments of surface pleasures -- delicious while tasting but leaving a hollow, unfillable void. This void ultimately can only be satisfied by an extraordinary joy that is impervious to duality.

Unconditional Joy is so substantive that we can almost touch and taste it like sweet nectar. This Divine Delight has the power to propel us out of bed in the morning, immune to any painful emotional fallout from our dream state. Unconditional Joy extends our sense of possibility into the infinite –like an internal Rock of Gibraltar that steadies our soul on its extraordinary journey of evolution. Unfaltering Divine Joyance demonstrates the phenomenal way in which we are loved by Source and verifies the presence of angels who support our souls. Unconditional Joy’s mighty waterfall brings a smile to our face, even in challenging times, and trumpets a resounding YES that expands and sustains our life force. Our imagination is catalyzed; we are flooded with clear inner vision.


So how can we possibly forget that this remarkable joy exists? Why would we numbly resign ourselves to a vapid existence that starves the soul of its birthright of ongoing rapture? Collective amnesia has put our joy antenna to sleep. Now is the time to wake up these receptors of nonnegotiable gladness, not from a forced hysterical jolliness, but rather from a deep sense of an all-pervasive bliss that turns up the corners of our eyes and mouth as we greet the cosmic sky that twinkles at our existence.

We assume that joy is ephemeral rather than constant. Therefore it seems that there must be parameters for joy, which leads us to negotiate with Source to find out what we have to do or who we have to be in order to grab our portion of fleeting happiness. Far from unconditional, joy seems to have rigid prerequisites that often seem impossible to meet.

Humankind relegates joy to the illusion-based realm of scarcity –never quite enough. We try to be content with just a little joy, on special occasions or in an unexpected moment. Yet the soul, knowing its birthright of infinite Unconditional Joy, mourns the stinginess of these little scrapes of felicity, supposedly doled out according to our deservedness.

Many of us dread the possibility of living a joyless existence on the earth plane. We fear that the circumstances of our lives, the hardships and obstacles, will prevail and prevent our dreams from coming true. All joy would be blocked. We compensate for this fear by insisting on joy through the conditions we set for its presence. Conditional joy makes us uptight because it stems from fear of melancholy. This fear contracts our flow and blocks the deep joy that is naturally released when we are relaxed.

We struggle to somehow synchronize the external conditions we believe are needed to uncork the champagne bottle of joy just at the right moment. But Joy emanates from the Divine Mystery. We can’t orchestrate the joy moment because it has no preconditions. Rather it springs unexpectedly in our heart, body, thoughts and fantasies, bubbling up from the terrain of the unknown.

Consequently, we are often disappointed at times of expected joy such as birthdays, holidays, vacations, Saturday nights, Sunday mornings. In addition, when we have accomplished a significant goal, we look to be rewarded for our efforts with waves of ecstasy that typically never arrive to offer the peak experience so well-deserved. This anti-climactic moment can be quite a letdown.

We may try to talk ourselves into the happy joy governed by conditions and premeditated timing. Yes, it may feel good, but inevitably doesn’t fill the soul. We are left with a disturbing level of emptiness that stems from the underpinning of our assumption that joy is conditional. Consequently, we hold a distrust of joy.

Joy refuses to show up on demand just because it’s New Year’s Eve, or we finished our art project, or it’s our birthday. We wonder why we aren’t feeling more “up” when we are “supposed” to. Cosmic Joy doesn’t like being relegated to conditions and often refuses to do our bidding. True Joy has a mind of its own and invites us to feel it even in our darkest moments.

It is impossible to fabricate joy because its true nature is enormous, far beyond our usual scope of perception. To produce joy is like trying to manufacture love. Only the Source of the Greater Mysteries knows how to emanate the Extraordinary Joy woven into the fabric of our humanity.

We are not really in charge of our joy— it is in charge of us! When we summon its arrival, we have already negated and dishonored its innate mystery. Joy is then relegated to a surface level that thins out its rich nectar into a watery, flat substitute.

In addition, we assume that we have to take time to be joyful, to smell the roses, rather than be the Joy itself. If our lives are full of constraints, we expect that joy will happen only after we meet those challenges –not while we are meeting them. Then more challenges spring up which means more postponed joy. Postponed joy waits for us in the illusive future as we forget to perceive the Field of Joy in all aspects of our lives including times of severe difficulty.

Maybe we resign ourselves to limited joy because we feel unworthy of such profound delight. If our claim to joy is conditionally linked to worthiness, then self-proving becomes the gate keeper to our joy. Sadly, this gatekeeper relentlessly keeps raising the bar of requirements for worthiness which constrains Joy’s well-being just beyond our reach.

 When others don’t want to share our joy, we may get mad at them for popping our joy bubble and making us crumble into a state of deflation. Yet, if our joy is conditionally based on the requirement that others share it with us, we become slaves to their happiness in order to ward off the loneliness inherent in conditional joy. Conditional joy stimulates a sense of loneliness because we are employing our egos to try to make bliss happen; we have unwittingly cut ourselves off from the Great Celestial Flow that faithfully sings the song of Unconditional Joy, regardless of who shares it with us.

Some of us are afraid of being swept away by Divine Delight. We make joy conditional as a safeguard that “grounds” us. These conditional parameters are “known” points of reality. We don’t dare get our feet wet in the great Sea of Mystery from where Joy draws its enigmatic wonder.

We often negotiate with “God” in an attempt to get our fair share of joy. Although we recognize that joy flows from the vast Divine, we assume that Source meters it out. Yet, why would Source bathe us in Unconditional Love while making its Gift of Joy conditional? When tangled in these negotiations, we make ourselves and our destiny small— like serfs waiting to receive an extra piece of bread once a year. We need to release all negotiations regarding joy so that we can effortlessly embody our birthright of bliss. We are then overcome by Source’s unsparing generosity because our Divine Legacy of Bliss is extraordinarily superabundant!

When we quit bargaining with joy as if it is a commodity exchanged for something else, we will cease drowning in the quicksand of disappointment that pockets itself in unexpected corners of our conditional joy. This is the disappointment that strangely sucks the pleasure out of the moment because although we may sense the presence of Unconditional Joy, it seems to be an illusive pinnacle just beyond our reach.

To believe that joy is conditional indicates that we have hooked our delight into the template of duality which will invariably drop us down from whatever heights we have touched. If we have plummeted from joy, perhaps we have only fallen from the illusion of joy. Ironically, once free from conditional happiness, we start to look around to discover true felicity. We notice that Joy forms concentric circles of bliss that embrace us unconditionally. Joy is not a vertical launch but rather a pervasive sea of energy emanating from the ecstatic plane. Divine Joy’s horizontal field gushes forward like oceanic waves ever increasing in all directions at once. We are expanded by Joy, deepened by Joy, uplifted by Joy, and transformed by Joy.

What are your preset requirements for joy? Are you content with just a brief affair with happiness, ending in an expected disappointment? Are you willing to release these requirements and take a chance on Divine Love’s endless Joy?

Many people harbor secret joy –not daring to reveal or share it with our friends and loved ones. We may fear that others will be jealous. Let’s not forget that joy is contagious. It is a gift of transmission regardless of whether the other person acknowledges its presence. 

Unconditional Joy enters the psyche like an orb of Light and expands even the narrowest of darkened corridors. If others are jealous of our happiness, we can reassure them that true joy is not threatening and certainly won’t negate our ability to empathize with their struggles. Rather, Unconditional Joy adds fuel to the Light that brightens our passage through the underworld of our difficulties.

In childhood our spontaneous Joy may have been censored because our parents, in their stern adulthood and feeling burdened by responsibility, resented our carefree, lighthearted state of the magical child. So, we associated shame with joy, as if our gleeful exhilaration was inconsiderate of others. We learned to link joy to judgment about being bad and selfish. Parents taught us to match their unhappiness as if a somber approach to life was the appropriate behavior. Consequently, joy became conditional only when allowed by others.

Ironically, our ultimate trajectory to awakening is just the opposite. It accelerates when we embrace our Joy, even as we empathize with those in pain. The Laughing Buddha brings a smile to our face always, regardless of how fierce the storm. There is no need to be ashamed of our happiness. Rather, we share Joy’s effervescent energy as the unending Divine Bestowal that it is. We don’t need to insist that others feel the same joy in the moment.

Our Joy is everywhere and in all things. This treasure of pleasure holds us steady through the undercurrents of our transformation. So, let’s eagerly express our Joy all the time for everyone to witness. Unconditional Joy’s blessedness helps us and others to remember who we really are and why we are here on the earthly plane.

Now is the time to release all preconceived parameters for joy in order to begin the journey into the Land of Unconditional Joy. This highly magnetic realm will compel us into its Vortex of Ecstasy and cast off our civilized selves. We fall into a state of abandon because true Joy lies beyond the dominion of the ego. We become laughing fools, Divine Idiots, intoxicated with the true pleasure of Universal Joy.

Unconditional Delight ignites our spontaneity which releases tremendous creativity. All illusion of control disperses as we fall into an unconstrained, unreasonable, natural state of being. We learn to trust that our unleashed nature is impulsively and unpremeditatedly loving. Therefore it is safe to relax our tightly wrapped personas because Joy breaks up congestion, stimulates energy, transports us out of linear reality, takes us for a ride, ungirdles spontaneity, makes us silly –grinning for no reason—happy for no reason—Relaxed for no reason! All is well as we brim over with bliss-filled Love.

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