the NEW EASE FACTOR: Lightening the Load of Burdensome Living


Chapter excerpt from MAKING THE SHIFT: Field Guide to the Emerging Consciousness, by Moriah Marston:

How often do we do things the hard way? What are the areas of our lives that most present themselves as difficult? Does life have to be so hard? Are we divinely mandated to slog through life with the weight of the world on our shoulders? The Tibetan encourages us to lighten up. But our experience tells us that it’s not that easy— or is it?

How do we make life harder than it needs to be? We each have a unique way of adding unnecessary difficulty to our experience. We may not even be aware that we are doing it. Most of us unconsciously collude with the collective expectation that life on the earth plane is strenuous as we automatically charge our experience with problems.

We brace ourselves for life's challenges. This makes us tighten up which constricts the flow of boundless life force and prevents us from accessing the energy we need. We are capable of extraordinary abilities but only when our energy faucet is fully open. Otherwise we only tap into a trickle of energy, usually because we believe that’s all that is available. This leads us to assume that we have to provide the other 99% through sweat and struggle which causes us to contract through excessive efforting which further restricts the flow of life force. This makes everything so much harder and prevents us from experiencing a much richer existence.

It shortens our life to expend unnecessary levels of tension-based energy. We often walk around with subliminal or overt levels of fatigue. Some of us wonder if Source wants us to be broken by travail because we feel flattened by life beaten down by vicissitudes. Doing things the hard way takes up our entire day and exhausts our precious energy. There is very little juice leftover.

So we just go plop, strangely satisfied that in battling life’s rigors we have somehow fulfilled our responsibility as human beings. Therefore we don’t have to be held accountable for making larger choices in life, such as the commitment to move into greater consciousness. It is all we can do to just get through the day with some kind of amiable acceptance of this difficult walk on the planet. Supposedly this relieves us of the need to really grow and evolve. We are too spent to go to the next level.


Consequently we resign ourselves to the smaller scope of life, just meeting daily demands and hoping things don’t go too badly. But today’s frequencies are moving us into a greater level of being. We can’t afford to use up all our fuel doing things the hard way. We need the extra juice to propel ourselves into a new paradigm of being. Otherwise we hold back greatness, our magnitude, which is essential for entering the gateway of the new consciousness.

Attachment to difficulty also surfaces when we consider the need to fulfill our soul’s mission. We instinctively assume that this would be very formidable and strenuous. When the soul calls to us with its voice of passion and longing we may discount its requests as too hard -- concerned that we couldn't possibly handle demands of that scale. Our blind spot to ease can prevent us from taking the steps to fuller ensoulment and alignment with our purpose. We procrastinate, fearful of entering such a demanding arduous endeavor. To be easy and effortless never occurs to us.

Sometimes when we realize how easy things are it knocks the wind out of our sails. We look around wondering what happened— isn’t there more to struggle with? We need to get used to this new way of

being. Otherwise energy is wasted when we scurrying around wondering what we overlooked because we believe things can’t possibly be this easy.

Many of us came into this incarnation with cellular memories of adversity-filled previous lifetimes. Consequently we may approach obstacles and challenges with a fear of defeat due to past life memories of enslavement to terrible conditions. Also, we may harbor a subliminal loyalty to the past life selves who struggled with such hardship. This attachment might cause us to unconsciously create a continuance of their trials in this lifetime by doing things the hard way. After all, how can we possibly skip along merrily through life and still honor the rigors of those who came before us to serve our soul?

Perhaps we started doing things the hard way in order to justify our existence, our obedience to growth, our commitment to evolve. The burdens we carry create a sense of importance, significance, industriousness and dedication. It proves that we are having a life hard-earned and well-lived. This makes us feel responsible, adult, committed. We cling to these burdens because it gives us a sense of purpose and direction. And these millstones are familiar. Hasn’t it always been this way? Everyone “knows” that the earth plane is an exacting, heavy uphill climb.

It was hard to move through earthly existence in the early days of humankind’s evolution when most of us were unconscious. We did not have a clue about how to navigate this dense planet with its strong gravitational pull. So we became accustomed to being “beasts of burden” as we tugged the backbreaking cart of life behind us with its heavy wooden wheels that got jammed up on every little bump in the road.

Yes, this taught us persistence and determination, but at what cost? When so little comes easily the spirit sinks into a dulled forced march through life’s vicissitudes. Rather than congratulate each other on how strong we are to carry such heavy freight, let’s applaud how well we are jettisoning the load of difficulty and learning how to embrace the ease factor.

Maybe we are afraid to believe that life can be easy. We don’t trust this radical notion. What if we approach life from expectations of ease and it turns out to be monumentally difficult? Perhaps we wouldn’t recover from the deflation and disappointment. We assume it is safer to shore up for travail and be pleasantly surprised if things are unexpectedly smooth. But often expectations play out in life, thereby bringing us experiences of unnecessary trouble.

It seems that most of our difficulties are self-imposed. We are our own worst enemy. It might be very frustrating and upsetting if we truly accept that life could have been easier all along and that we alone made it unnecessarily tough. Now is an opportunity to forgive ourselves for these imprisoning illusions and go forward joyfully relieved to be free at last.

The Tibetan says the door is always open. The belief that we have to bang against the shut doors of difficult predicaments eventually causes us to fall into a heap of exhaustion. Then miraculously the doors open! This illustrates that when we relax, even through defeat and surrender, the ease factor opens the Way. Why not avoid the strenuous approach and simply trust the ease that allows us to automatically perceive the open door and effortlessly move through.

Sometimes after trudging along the road of tribulation, we may be shocked to eventually encounter someone who is effortlessly navigating the same terrain that causes us so many problems. Our assumption that life has to be heavy blocks the ability to even consider that life might be easy. Therefore, we don’t employ the imagination to envision how our lumbering approach could change.

When we can’t conceive of life flowing easily, our imagination simply recreates the usual expectations of hardship as we brace ourselves for the next round of difficulties, hoping to get through the day without being flattened by obstacles. This limits our sense of possibility and hardens the energy field, ironically making it more labored to do anything. Expectations of difficulty become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

There is a common belief that we earn spiritual brownie points for enduring slavish burdens. The “no pain, no gain” approach prevails to convince us that the harder something is, the more we benefit. This fosters unnecessary levels of punishing efforting.

Perhaps past life difficulties caused us to believe that we weren’t worthy of lightness of being because we hadn’t struggled enough to prove ourselves. How dare we get away with doing nothing, or not enough! Where did we get the idea that to bounce through life was sacrilege, an abdication of responsibility?

The Tibetan consistently points out that most of us carry a heavy backpack on our shoulders filled with bricks of difficulties, burdens and pressures based on the perception that life is not supposed to be easy. He bids us to take off this backpack because without it the evolutionary path is so much easier. But most of us believe that this backpack of “stuff” is crucial to our existence. Without it we wouldn’t be grounded. We might float off!

It’s time to objectively examine what we are carrying in our backpack. From the standpoint of embracing the ease factor, we can assess whether we really need to haul around all this deadweight. It will be startling to walk our path backpack free, shoulders relaxed, unfettered from the tension of difficulty. The ease factor may bowl us over as we practically levitate from sheer fluency of being!

Many of us have an Atlas complex and feel compelled to demonstrate strength by carrying the world on our shoulders. Yes, doing things the hard way has built muscle and durability against adversity. But now we are called to tap into a new aspect of strength, the kind that comes from ease. This is the strength generated from the willingness to put enough trust in the Divine Plan to relax and open, without bracing, to all challenging moments.

This appears to be a paradox. It seems counterintuitive to the standard conditioning that causes us to steel, forearm, tighten, push and grunt our way through. Yet the relaxation approach strengthens our faith. It is faith that allows us to leap into the Ease Current by trusting that all work is divinely lubricated, the path is relaxed and we can evolve through a state of inner calm and peace.

When we open to this state of being, a tremendous potency is invoked because spirit so generously responds to the vibration of openness that it gushes forth to assist our journey, lighten our load, and uplift. All we have to do is interrupt the collective tendency to tighten up in anticipation of things being difficult. Then we all expand and allow ourselves to be swept along the great Ease Current.

Challenges don’t have to be burdens. Because the Divine Plan is bidding us to lighten up, we need to redefine the sense of weightiness that we assign to challenges. They can be held lightly and yet be evocative enough to propel us forward. Ironically, the ultimate challenge is to stay open, clear and unruffled rather than muster up the energy for difficulty. We are called to discover an alternative approach to the development of dedication, discipline, strength and responsibility without the burdens typically associated with these endeavors. It is truly time to stop doing things the hard way.

To break the hardship habit we need to note our approach to whatever undertakings life presents. What is our attitude? What are we expecting? If we are hardening and shoring up for problems and trouble, let’s remind ourselves to relax and trust -- to release heavy expectations. We need to open to the mystery, allow ourselves to be surprised and delighted and recognize that we can accomplish as much in an easy manner as well as a difficult on— actually more.

There are moments when we are surprised by how easily something unfolds. Everything just falls into place. What happened in those moments? We need to observe how energy flows in an easy fashion, even when we expect the opposite. We can assume that some of our burdens were just released. What bricks did we chuck out of our backpack? How did we step outside the difficulty box to see a new venue for life —an easy one?

There is another way to live— in the zone of such ease that we almost levitate with joy. “Easy Street” really does exist for all of us. It reflects an attitude of expectant flow, support, lubrication, spaciousness, safety, all needs met.

While we may choose to explore challenges that require determination, focus and dedication, they can now be engaged with an intention of softness and ease. This will catapult us forward at an amazing rate. We are liberated to bite off greater chunks of creativity, achievement and exploration knowing that none of these feats will cause a “drag” on our flight. Then we orbit into the new Ease Current which facilitates a brand new way of being that ushers in the New Cosmic Day.

The Tibetan joyful responds to this exploration of ease and teaches:

Stop efforting! See what happens! Life does not have to be so hard. The earth plane was designed to be a playground for the exploration of joy and to foster the evolution of the magical child. It is time for humankind to release attachment to hardship and begin to accustom itself to the ease factor. This is necessary in order to make the shift into the emerging consciousness. The new paradigm is a realm of expanded light and untold freedom.

Now is the time for humankind to release the traditional notion of karma as being a grueling wheel of chastisement and penalty. Students expect their karma to be a series of obstacle-filled challenges that are hard, toilsome, tough, distressing, impossible, dreary— a never-ending punishment for being human. The old template of karma is now finished. Humankind is preparing to step off the treadmill of these burdensome destiny-enforced conditions.

Karma can now be experienced as a vehicle of opportunity that “highlights”— brings into the Light of the higher dimensions— the results of self’s creative endeavors. Rather than a heavy-handed mandate of difficulties, it is a flexible container, a light-filled gleaning of results, that offers the soul new understanding about action- reaction- creation- outcome. This opens the gateway to mastery.

The process of evolution seems so easy on the spirit plane. Manifestation happens instantly through thought. Consequently, humankind has assumed that the earth plane is the opposite. This is a false belief.

Remember that the Angelic Force is always available to lighten one’s step on the path. Angels eagerly provide the vast shimmering safety net, one that is impervious to the gravitational pull that lifts up humankind. It is humankind’s responsibility to become conscious of this easement from the angels. Then students can bring positive expectations of alleviation from difficulty to collaborate with the angels’ natural service of assistance. This mutual collaboration augments the ease factor

for humankind and for the angels as well. They don’t have as much human heaviness to carry off to the Divine Recycling Center.

In summary, to open to the ease factor that has always been available to humankind, students need to release the false belief, the mindset, that life on planet earth is one of difficulty. In addition, there is a new flow of Magnificent Grace that is currently flooding the earthly plane. This wave of grace opens the Way into the new paradigm. On a subtle level it parts the seas of disturbance and activates a smooth sailing journey into augmented potentiality.

Trust this Gift of Grace. Request its presence when releasing attachment to adversity. When the student smiles, offers intention, is willing, recognizes divinity and fills with gratitude, this concentrated grace redoubles its Divine Presence of Easement.

Today’s extraordinary grace is the cosmic lubrication required to facilitate the birth of the New Cosmic Day and the formation of the New Human Being. Allow this divine shower of ease-filled grace to wash away the exhaustion and discouragement of hardship. Refreshed, vitalized, awake, humankind then jumps

ahead eager to meet the excitement of change and evolution— ready for anything and everything— knowing that all is possible in the Realm of Ease.

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