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Emotional Healing Sound Qigong
the inner alchemy of emotional transformation
by Zayne Marston

Stay close to any sounds that make you glad you are alive ~ Hafiz

Evolutionary tool and life raft for the turbulence of today

It’s hard to keep a good thing secret. I am moved to share about a powerful qigong ( chi kung, means energy practice) I’ve been learning called Five Organ Integrative Sound Healing Method; a practice of a system called Wisdom Healing (Zhineng) Qigong.  This magical practice is easy and flexible to perform and highly effective at dissolving energy blocks caused by chronic, limiting emotions.

What it would be like to have a self-healing tool that can help transform the roller coaster ride of emotions spawned from the past into a refined state of being that is positive, life affirming, and more reflective of our true nature?

Sound Healing Qigong uses the voice of sound, consciousness and feeling to make contact with and to deeply receive source energy that’s all around us—the Creative Force of Healing Light, in different language, the Holy Spirit —unseen by the naked eye, yet animating and permeating all life, within and without. Through vibration and focused intention, the sounds voiced by the practitioner neutralize discordant energy moving through the organs, which our brains perceive as emotion.

Personally, this rare and unique qigong has helped me with grief in particular—getting me through the dark night—having lost my beloved wife a year ago.  Through daily qigong practice and my willingness to embrace all feelings and face the dark night, I am transforming on many levels.

Anxiety, fear and heavy sorrow that sprang from my loss no longer plague me as they did. An effervescent joy, a love, a spring to my spirit, are bubbling up out of someplace deep inside me to fill the vacuum. What happened?


Aside from the healing nature of time and having to accept my demons of the night, I attribute my breakthrough to this sound technology—a life raft, which I’ve clung to through the turbulent, labyrinthine passage of my inverted life.

We are given the tools we need if and when we’re open and ready to receive them. I jumped when the opportunity to learn sound qigong crossed my computer via an e-mail promotion. I rarely act on these things, but something moved me to subscribe. And I’m glad I did.

It was like an angelic visitation; a cosmic kiss, which inspired me to learn a sacred practice that has cushioned and softened the jagged edges of my despair and devastation—spinning and spiraling a divine nectar into me that has soothed my smarting soul.   

In light of the challenges we face on planet earth, this practice (regular practice emphasized) can help us stay calm, centered, strong, energized, and joyfully alive! It is an evolutionary tool that helps us to fully return home to our precious body and bask in an enlivened, tranquil, natural state of being—our birthright!


Secrets revealed! Grandmaster Pang, creator of

Zhineng (Wisdom Healing) Qigong

Five-organ Sound Healing is part of healing system called Wisdom Healing (Zhineng) Qigong. Dr. Pang Ming, a grandmaster of energy practice, has cherry picked and synthesized secret teachings and techniques from 19 other grandmasters of these energy arts and distilled them into a highly effective approach to healing. It is applied to the patients of his qigong hospital—the first one in the world that champions a staggering success rate of recovery from illness and disease.

Dr Pang also coined the term chi field, which is a configuration of energy that houses an accumulative, continuously evolving lineage of both information and function. Through intention, the practitioner can tap into this field to receive energetictransmissions, information, thought forms that reside within the zone; in this case, the collective lineage of Wisdom Healing Qigong, which dates back at least five thousand years. Conscious intention creates the link to this chi bank and this accelerates and enhances the qigong’s effects.

The ancient sounds of this exercise that were held secret in China for millenniums are now revealed to humankind. It is time. Halleluiah! I purr in gratitude to ALL the teachers, masters, life scientists, and practitioners who have contributed their wisdom and experience to this art-science, and for also making this qigong accessible to the people. How blessed I am tohave discovered these soul treasures.

The Divine Ocean of Healing Light  

The Divine Ocean of Healing Light, the source energy of the universe to which I refer, is no fantasy. Its unseen, yet felt presence commands our attention to what really IS. The awareness of this all-encompassing ocean of pure energy summons us to approach life from an entirely new vantage point. It invites a multi-dimensional platform, a perspective that is supported by extensive research in quantum physics and experienced by the qigong practitioner. Experiential—that’s the fun part!

Woven into my daily qigong practice is a process of shifting my consciousness to this mysterious yet most liberating perspective of connecting conscious intention with cosmic light—and moving this awareness to the foreground, as logic and reason recede to a whisper.

From this lofty, yet grounded perch, imagination becomes reality. It trumpets in the dynamic interplay of form within the formless, the invisible within the visible, and presents an entirely new field upon which to play. Embracing these concepts helps me glean and embody the full essence of this qigong.

How does sound qigong work? A multidimensional approach

Emotional Sound Healing Qigong transforms emotional energy blockages while nourishing and harmonizing each of our organ systems; heart (circulatory), kidney-reproductive (regeneration), pancreas-digestive (assimilation), liver (purification), lungs (respiratory) and brain (communication)—all family members of one spirit, according to my joyful teacher; translator of Dr. Pang’s Zhineng Qigong into the Wisdom Healing System, and powerful transmitter of this practice; qigong master, Mingtong Gu (www.chicenter.com).

Daily, committed application of this ancient energy technology promises the remarkable effect of RAPIDLY transforming negative emotions into the natural virtues held within the organs, such as unconditional joy and loving kindness (heart), flowing creativity and will to reach our highest potential (kidneys), confidence (digestive), courage (liver), and compassion, higher knowing (lungs).

The voicing of sounds enables our consciousness to bypass the trappings of the mind, travel directly to a particular organ through focus and feeling, and re-pattern the blocked energy, using sound vibration to evoke and awaken its natural frequency or “song”. It is the music of the organs, all responding and expressing in synergistic, symphonic resonance through vibration—an ecstatic cosmic dance, the oscillation of atoms within.

Meanwhile, we allow and receive the infusion of universal source energy, which harmonizes the energetic discordance created by the emotion, and simultaneously unifies all dimensions of one’s being at once (mind, body, emotion, spirit)—totally non-linear, holographic. Can you accept everything, as it is now, all thoughts, discomforts, emotions, and allow yourself to receive this divine nectar?

Another way of describing it is through the image of a tree. Many healing modalities treat just the leaves or branches. This soundhealing qigong treats the trunk and roots. The essence. Therefore, ALL is affected.

Inner alchemy of emotions and connecting consciousness to energy

Sound Healing Qigong ignites an inner alchemy of our emotions, which can clear emotional karma, embedded like a tick within our energy body. The subconscious is addressed as well, sidestepping the need to understand the origin of our emotional suffering and goes direct to energetic source. Simply put, it’s consciousness connecting with energy, the source of everything. All resolved! No therapy exploration needed—only as a follow up to integrate. Imagine that?

No stone is left unturned in this process because everything is connected. In quantum reality there is no separation, only connectedness to the One Source. Energy is everywhere! It is boundless, infinite, pure, and serves as a medium of connection in collaboration with our intention and consciousness.

This is for real!

This dynamic is not a fairy tale. I will testify and would so many others who have experienced the magic of this transformational vehicle.

Sound Healing has deeply enriched my 24-year qigong routine since my “chance encounter” with it six months ago.  I feel an enhanced wholeness, deepened connection and integration of my being, both internally and externally; apervading sense of a relaxed, happy, mindful presence and fuller embodiment…

The process can be described as a re-assemblage and unification of conscious intention fueled by soul purpose and expression; buoyantly suspended and held in an ocean of embryonic tranquility that the qigong can instill within the practitioner as the stage is set for manifestation.

All is well…and getting better

The ancient chant, Haola, (pronounced hoowww-laaaaa) proclaims, all is well and getting better—so be it! Another sound and truth to play with, Haola has become my constant mantra as I am led more deeply into the practice.

Reflecting on my inner smile of gratitude and framing life from the Haola perspective lubricates my openness and commitment to my life journey and soul purpose.

A feeling, the cosmic wind is at my back, comes to mind. The energy in the sound of the word, Haola, activates a resonance with the universe that synchronizes life with our deeper purpose. Magic abounds! Try it yourself and see what happens.

Emotional Healing Sound Qigong is a doorway to infinite possibility that extends beyond three dimensions into the vast domain of multi-dimensional, quantum reality—so refreshing to the soul as it take fuller residence in its truest home.

So come join me in my exploration as we gain access to the previously unimaginable and claim our birthright of freedom from old stories we have created for ourselves. Say good riddance to the emotional disturbances created by societal influence, false beliefs, trauma and false conclusions that no longer serve us. Hao-la!

Unless you are living a life of radical joy, you're settling for less. Unless your spirit is flourishing with creative renewal as you move from one activity to the next, you're investing in an illusion. Unless you are being replenished rather than drained by your relationships & occupations, you haven’t broken through to your fuller existence--Astrologers Mark Borax and Elias Lonsdale

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