The Mystery


Chapter excerpt, Soul Searching with Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan by Moriah Marston ©2002

The Tibetan explores the Mystery:

The Mystery is the land of Great Secrets—cosmic puzzle pieces fitting together into the great Matrix that is Creation. To open to the mystery is to have a glimpse at the wonder that is held in the Unknowable. For it is in this Unknowable that all possibilities are held—unformed potentialities of the Divine. When students allow themselves to sit within the mystery, without struggle or defiance, a profound feeling of inner peace emerges. To know nothing is to experience everything.

The universe expresses itself through riddles that carry the Great Mystery like emissaries of the twilight dimension. It is in this dimension, where light merges into dark, that the mystery anchors itself into the human experience. At this profound point of contact with life-not-yet-manifest humankind is transfixed, momentarily released from the web of illusion emerging through the past which projects itself as the known.

The mystery is the gateway to go beyond time and space. It ushers in the eternal. As the student touches the mysterious, all is possible. CLICK READ MORE BELOW

The unknowable rests the mind from its never ceasing efforts to control life. To bathe within the mystery is to cleanse the soul from the burden of expectations. The mystery is the underpinning of all realities, either on the earth plane or off. To work with the mystery gives the student great gifts of expansion, depth, connectedness, universality, and magic.

Do not fear the mystery. It is the safest place around! Not only can’t it hurt you, but rather it heals for in the not-knowing one reaches into the Netherlands of the Great Being called Source and draws from it all that is needed.

Learn to breathe in the mystery as it is carried on the air currents. As the student takes in the unknown with every inhalation, the cellular memory is activated to a time when the mystery was experienced as the Voice of Great Guidance. There are no disappointments in the mystery—no losses—no failures. There is only the vast fruitfulness of unformed potentiality.

Magnificence is in the void. Let the mystery creep into your soul and guide it forth as it cultivates true faith in the knowing that it is impossible to go off-course. The mystery wraps itself around all beauty and gives the unfathomable nature to the exquisite creation of Source’s imagination. Drink it in. Celebrate it. Play with it. It enables humankind to release all attachments. There is no danger in the unknown, only the unformed Love that surrounds us all.

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