The Evolving Nature of Death and Attachment


Chapter from MAKING THE SHIFT: Field Guide to the Emerging Consciousness by Moriah Marston and the Tibetan

The Tibetan teaches:

It’s time to meet the moment! What does that mean?  Even from the perspective of the Masters, this moment is enormous because it is a Grand Opening. This long-awaited Parting of the Veils requires a tremendous Cosmic Force to unbind the earthly plane from the encrustations that have enshrouded humankind and the earth. The veils that separate the dimensions have prevented humankind from experiencing CONTACT with all other realms of existence beyond the earthly plane.  

Humankind has been so deeply invested in the illusion that it resides alone, cut off from all others in the Universe, that it has forgotten its place in the intergalactic family. In order to integrate multidimensional consciousness, students must release the false belief that the veils—the dimensional membranes—are too thick to penetrate. Humankind believes that the only way to access the other worlds is to transition from the physical plane. It relies on death as the portal of release from the earthly prison of disconnect. Often death comes as a welcome relief from humanity’s existential pain of isolation. 

But death carries a sense of finality which convinces many people that nothing exists beyond the physical world. Most students, assuming that the limitations of the earthly plane are met by the limitations of death, have simply tried to make the best of their life’s experience by resigning themselves to a terribly limited opportunity for growth and soul exploration. The intense grief experienced by humankind includes not only physical loss of loved ones but also a subliminal mournfulness from an acute sense of restricted LOVE and CONNECTION. This emotional pain results from the density, an iron curtain, which has prevented access to the greater picture and the enormous vibration of Cosmic Love penetrating all corners of the Universe...READ MORE AND COMMENT CLICK BELOW


Understandably, humankind is angry at Source for creating death, loss, and separation. This contributes to a profound perception of abandonment and betrayal by a “God” Who would create such soul pain and bereavement as to cripple the soul with a broken heart and shattered spirit.  When loved ones are lost, beloveds left behind on the planet fall into utter emptiness and ask why Source would inflict such agony. 

Human beings are divinely designed to attach to each other. This natural instinct promotes connection and the willingness and need to do everything possible to maintain, advance, and deepen that togetherness. This linkage impulse is as powerful as an infant’s attachment to the mother. The infant recognizes the Divine Mother in his birth mother and trusts the connection. 

As students journey through countless experiences of attachment, they energize the natural link that connects all members of the global human and animal family. The practice of this attachment dynamic fosters a deep sense of union that evolves the soul past any monadic distortions of perceived separation from Source. Through human expression the soul is given a chance to put the longing for mergence into action through earthly relationships.

These human bonds are so profound that they create energetic cords between the chakras of the people and animals involved.  These are cords that do not break down after death.  As the soul experiences the eternal nature and durability of these chords, it realizes that Source’s Love is a magnificent nexus that cannot be broken. Consequently, there never has been or could be a separation from Source.

The longing catalyzed by the illusion of the veils and death is actually the call of the soul to return to Source and know its true nature of Love.  It appears that the Divine Plan has stymied this longing through death’s cruel wall of limitation as well as the veils that separate the dimensions. But actually this wall is a Divine Intervention engineered to intensify the soul, over- soul, and monad’s aching longing for permanent union, connection, love, attachment, and oneness. 

This relentless ache, including the agonizing grief of loss, works alchemically to transform the illusion of separation into the gold of oneness. Eventually,, all students experience such profound attachment to each other and to nature that alignment with the soul is solidified. The soul’s eternal essence emanates through the thickest of veils and awakens students to their immortality and liberation.

Humankind strives to protect itself from the acute pain of loss by abstaining from attachment. Religious dogma often elevates the state of non-attachment to the status of advanced spirituality. These doctrines are often judgment-filled attempts to curtail the full range of experience possible through human attachment.  Cloaked in the appearance of spiritual advancement, non-attachment at this level only buffers the soul from the full alchemical impact of the human attachment instinct. 

Judgments of attachment imply that the human experience is less spiritual than being non-physical—as if the soul is diminished when it takes on a physical body and a human heart. Although certain aspects of attachment, such as attachment to negativity, are limiting to the soul, the essential need for human beings to attach to each other is richly significant.

Why not embrace the great evolutionary opportunity provided through the human instinct to attach! There is no other Divine instinct like it anywhere else in this Universe. To forge a bond so great allows the soul to begin to apprehend Source’s splendid attachment to Its beloveds.  Self then realizes that the Great Compassion Who is Source created a Divine Plan—a powerful instrument of evolution—to facilitate and expedite the soul’s development catalyzed by the rigorous distortions of separation, isolation, loss, and death

The metaphysical Law of Constancy and Adherence fosters the human attachment that serves as a vehicle for the soul to attach to the Arc of Return. This is fueled by the Great Longing that attracts the soul to the over soul which is then magnetized to the monad. The monadic wound is at long last resolved. The monad returns to its exquisite communion with All That Is. 

Humankind has cursed its instinct of attachment. It has assumed that this instinct has been the source of pain and extreme vulnerability. This has led to a mistrust of the nature of Love because it seems to bring only heartache and heart break. But it is this very heart-centered vulnerability and sensitivity that reveals the impeccable nature of Source’s Love. This Love is so powerful and perfect that, even when flowing through a fragile, delicate heart, it can penetrate the veil of disconnect and find its way through humanity’s illusions and distortions into true sacred communion. 

Students learn time and again that the apparent shattering of connection, trust, and faith through loss of contact is an illusion. The heart persistently springs forth—innately resilient—to discover the Scent of the Divine’s Golden Nectar that emanates from the Heart of All Hearts—Source. It is impossible to break a connection, sever chords, be isolated or alone, or to perish. These vast illusions have been enacted on behalf of the monad’s evolutionary trajectory to enable it to resolve once and for all the profound loss it seemed to experience upon its differentiation from Source.  The saying, “Love springs eternal,” applies here. Source’s Love is undaunted, immovable, and indestructible. 

As humankind truly begins to learn the nature of trust and allows itself to know its divinity, it will open in a new way. At long last all students, liberated from the illusions that have caused so much pain, will be ready to look forward from a fresh perspective on their evolutionary path. This release from old pain will be the result of a Grand Dispensation—a Cosmic Gesture that resolves and concludes the learning format of loss and death.

The emerging consciousness brings a new Trust. This is an innate Knowing that all is well. There is no separation. All beings are naturally united; loss is an illusion of the past. Humankind’s experience of death is ready to evolve because soon there will no longer be a need to stimulate the Great Longing for Source.  Death will be realized and experienced as pure illusion because the Great Force of the new frequencies is breaking apart and shattering the encrustations of humankind’s engulfment in the inevitability of death. 

At long last humankind will celebrate the end of this rigorous process of loss. It will experience this release as the Grand Dispensation—a gift from the Divine Plan that graduates humankind into a new consciousness overflowing with multilevel gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and what has been commonly called psychic abilities. As the veils part, everyone can experience a consciousness that is in full union, communion, communication, and Divine Embrace with all ‘departed’ loved ones. This augmented sense of love and connection will fill the collective consciousness with such JOY that GRATITUDE will abound. Humankind’s cup will runneth over.

All hearts will be so full and overflowing with LOVE and CELEBRATION that the entire collective consciousness will notch up several vibratory rates because it will no longer be able to register the obsolete levels of misery with which it once so dearly identified. Humankind will be flooded with such an unmitigated experience of immortality that past notions of limitation will be released like a foreign object expelled from the body. There will be a vibrant reunion between incarnate and beloveds in spirit, filled with much communication, sharing, and embrace. In that moment of ecstatic joining, humankind will begin to comprehend on a microcosmic level Source’s Great Reunion with Its beloveds on the arc homeward.

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