Excerpt from Soul Searching with Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan
by Moriah Marsto

Astrology is my ultimate road map.  Just as the sailor guides his boat by the twinkling night reflections of starry patterns constellating ancient forms, so too am I guided by celestial manifestations as they create a unique blueprint, the natal birth chart, for my soul to follow.  Magnificent planetary beings encircle us with their knowing.  The Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto contain the playground upon which we toy with our human condition.

Each planet, including the Moon, represents a great Force having its way with us.  Our only requirement is to accept this Force, understand it, work with it, create with it, and surrender to it.

In our lifetime these planetary teachers each ask us a life question that is unique to our individual chart.  Answering this question sometimes seems to have the impossibility of a Zen koan or an ancient riddle posed by a crafty old wizard.  We shake our fists at the heavens and demand to know why these large, mysterious Forces are buffeting us around like ping-pong balls.  However, once we crack the riddle, truly allowing ourselves to hear the messages astrologically relayed down to planet earth, we are freed from the experience of being puppeted about at the whims of these planetary archetypes.

Then we have the CHOICE to work with the Divine Plan as it is expressed astrologically.  We can celebrate these energies showering upon us just like dancing in the rain.  When we understand what each planet is trying to teach us, we can receive their influence from a place of gratitude, not resistance.  This is the difference between swimming downstream vs. upstream.  Life becomes easier as we cooperate with the planets because we are able to trust that these divine teachers want only the best for us as they evolve us along, pushing us into much-needed challenges and lessons.

We begin to understand that our birth chart reflects a karmic contract that we made on a soul level before we came into this lifetime.  Just as our physical body is not something that we consciously choose or can trade in for another model, so too does our birth chart indicate a specified learning curriculum that we are “stuck” with, whether we like it or not.

The birth chart holds the matrix of required courses for graduation.  It indicates which of the ten planetary influences will be the teacher we have to meet with the most often, and whether the remaining teachers will be strict or lenient with us in their demands.  The birth chart also holds past life records, reminding us that this lifetime is but one in a long series of incarnations.  During these past lives we have developed gifts and talents as well as negative attitudes.  The higher self encodes this information into our birth charts reflecting the importance of just the right moment of birth.

I am always in awe of the intricacies of the Divine Plan.  Just as the spider creates a beautiful complexity in its webbing patterns, so do all the delicate karmic strands weave together in the soul portrait contained within the birth chart.  The exact time and location of our birth places us in a precise relationship to the ten planetary teachers.  This relationship specifically generates our exact karma in this lifetime.

The natal chart is a blueprint for our soul’s evolution.  We can study it endlessly and still not reach the bottom of it.  Within it are clear-cut designations for learning and exploring as well as mysterious patterns that yield only further questioning.  Our birth charts hold the key to vast levels of self-knowledge.

We can use this key any way we wish.  What we do with our knowledge is our choice.  We can either work with it optimistically or fear it and try to dismiss it.  It doesn’t matter how we approach it.  The planets will still do what they do; they reflect the impersonal nature of Source.  As we yield to our birth charts, so do we yield to the big picture.  Just as the sailor doesn’t argue with the configuration of the constellations, why would we want to waste our energy fighting the astrological energies particularly available to us in this lifetime?

 Master Djwhal Khul teaches:

Astrology is a metaphysical tool offered to students willing to embrace their soul’s destiny.  This tool is divine in nature as it implements Source’s vast intelligence.  It is offered to humankind as a mapping device for the path of evolution.  The planets do not determine one’s destiny.  One’s soul does that.  Rather the planets evoke that destiny through the interface between the heavenly realms and the earth plane.

Students often shout out that they have no idea of what to do or where to go with their lives.  Ironically, the astrological map is available to all who wish to take charge of their self-exploration.  Use this tool wisely; allowing self to remember that one’s fate is not sealed within the stars.  Rather master this art of seeing truth as it is so beautifully expressed in this divine science of metaphysics.  Each planetary Force is designed to create an aspect of human nature.  As these Forces intermingle, they represent the entire human condition at its lowest and highest level.  Penetrate to the deepest level in the exploration of these heavenly messengers.  Know that one’s birth time and place are divinely orchestrated to respond to the soul’s greatest need.  Once students “know” their birth charts through and through, then they are free to toss them away as the sailor eventually throws away all navigating tools, allowing only the winds of life to take him where they will.

Unfortunately, this glorious ancient metaphysical science of astrology has suffered a bad reputation in our culture.  People read the daily astrological columns in their favorite newspaper and often laugh at its superficiality.  At that level it can only be a generic Band-Aid tiding one over until the real guidance emerges.  Any generalizations on a large scale inevitably carry oversights.  They leave out the highly individual nature of each human being.  Only the full astrological natal chart can carry the vast amount of information involved in explaining one’s life’s path on a soul level.

In 1970, when I first discovered my own natal chart at age twenty-one, I was both awed and relieved, truly amazed at how accurately I was described by the chart.  I could see my potential as well as learn to accept the areas that needed work.  Instead of judging myself as bad for having certain shortcomings, I was able to see them as unpolished planetary frequencies waiting for integration and mastery.  Through my chart I could view myself as an art project in process as I eagerly dove into the multitude of mysterious symbols and patterns informing me of the many missing pieces of self.

The more I studied my chart, the more I filled with questions.  Instead of waning, my curiosity grew and grew.  I devoured books on astrology like food given to a starving mystic.  Making my way down on the subway to Sam Weiser’s book store in the Village was my greatest passion.  Upon entering the store I felt “beamed” over to the astrology section as my heart raced at the volumes of unread books waiting for me.  Having probably been an astrologer in past lives, this world felt like home sweet home.

Now, over thirty five later, my heart still races as I enter metaphysical bookstores in quest of the latest astrological research.  These days astrological information abounds like never before as it gains credibility and acceptance.  The metaphysical scientist within me can never have enough data.

Although the Tibetan teases me not to become too attached to “knowing,” I laugh in response just like a child that runs out to roll in the dew-covered grass while her parents call out to tell her to be sure not to get her clothes dirty.  He smiles tolerantly knowing that my passion for the Greater Mysteries is activated through astrological symbols and archetypes.  Djwhal Khul jokes that maybe he will throw a few more planets into our solar system just to keep me on my toes.

I know he is concerned that I will get too set in my thinking, perhaps referring to the astrological galactic atlas too frequently without keeping my mind open to the Unknowable.  However, the Tibetan smiles in this moment.  I am aware that he truly delights in my joyful dance through this world of planets, moons, symbols, glyphs, relationships and energies that capture and refine the human condition.

Djwhal Khul encourages:
Take this divinely inspired metaphysical tool and master it as the wizard masters his/her magic wand.  Allow this tool to teach you that knowing is available to all who wish it.  Astrological maps of the soul reveal the very real guidance and instruction that is your birthright.  Don’t take it too seriously, for all concepts evolve into newer and greater understandings.  Rather, let this realm be a jumping off point into the vast reservoir of knowledge that awaits humankind.

Unleashed into the scientific meta-world called astrology allows me to be brilliant, creative, intuitive and compassionate.  We are larger than the planets as we carry within us entire galaxies and solar systems waiting to be discovered.  Through our charts we realize that there is no end to the possibilities of all that we can be as we touch the Infinite.

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