Dreams: The Gateway to the Unconscious


(Excerpt from Soul Searching with Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan by Moriah Marston)

I don’t know what I would do without my dreams!  They map my inner world, buffering me from the ever-present chaos looming in my unconscious.  Through their images I make contact with the myriad of sub-personalities within.  Dreams come bearing messages, however obscure, teasing my knowing out into the daylight of waking consciousness.  They evoke the detective within me as I hunt for clues in their maze of incongruity and ridiculousness.

These clues, disguised as pointless stories and colliding images capturing only the absurd, nonsensical, random loose ends of my inner life, reveal the psyche’s wisdom as it valiantly pulls out all the stops to get my attention!  It knows what is going on with me at deeper levels even if I don’t.

My responsibility is to learn how to listen to my psyche and make sense of its unique language.  The dream language of images and symbols is both mysterious and obvious.  Sometimes our dreams are downright corny as our psyche works to show us the blind spots right under our nose.

It is fascinating how Source created such a complex creature when It created humankind.  I have wondered why Source split our psychic structure in two parts—one to be so easily experienced at a conscious level and the other to be forever just out of reach in the deep waters of the unconscious.  It seems like “mission impossible” that we have to integrate our unconscious into our consciousness in order to be fully aligned.  How can we integrate something that is specifically designed to be unknowable?  Why didn’t Source simply allow us to have full conscious reign over the unconscious?

The Tibetan is often referred to among the Great White (Light) Brotherhood (the group of enlightened Masters working with the earth plane) as the Great Psychologist.  He and I share a fascination for the workings of the human psyche.  He reminds me that if we had full conscious access to the unconscious terrain, our egos would have a field day censoring our inner life.  Any “unacceptable” aspects of self that our egos might judge and disown would be cut off from our psychic juice and allowed to wither away.  These aspects of self are therefore banished to a distant corner of our psyche (the shadow) where all the “undesirables” are corralled off in order not to contaminate the “righteousness” of the rest of our being.

So our shadow must live, unthreatened by our conscious belief systems, far below our waking knowing in the underbelly of our being.  In this world of shadow land our unconscious fosters the growth and development of all aspects of self not yet acceptable to our current identity.  If we were to have full exposure to this underworld reality, we might be thrown off balance.  No one is eager to claim his or her darkness and wear it like a badge.  So we keep it neatly tucked away from the boundaries of our conscious self.

However, as night falls (even our persistent egos need rest) then it is the witching hour.  This is the hour when our censors punch out on their time clock as they leave their days work, all defenses checked and working—ego in tact.  Then the hobgoblins from the dark shadows within start to shout out - to voice their concerns—to make noise—to move about.  Now it is their time for full expression as they bring forth our soul through shadow.  If we are “lucky,” we are completely unconscious of this activity.  We are simply sleeping the night away, eager to return to morning’s light, unthreatened and secure in our known self.

However, Source gave us one foolproof linkage point between the unconscious and the conscious—our dreams.  Upon waking up to the rising sun we bring back with us evidence of our bizarre journey into shadow land.  We bring a story, one that usually makes no sense upon initial recall.

If we are willing to lovingly hold that story almost like one would hold a vulnerable alien being in the palm of one’s hand, we can learn to listen to this entity who speaks so strangely to us.  The more we listen, the more we begin to understand dream language.  While we may often recoil from their messages desperate to write them off as foolish nonsense, if we allow ourselves to digest what we are being shown, we are alchemized.  Our conscious self finally embraces the unconscious.

The Tibetan teaches:

The heart’s capacity to love and accept human nature allows one to receive the full impact of the unconscious material as it pushes up into full awareness.  If one can accept one’s shadow, so richly expressed through dreams, one can accept the full human condition and all of the apparent aberrations of Source.  As the student lovingly embraces this dark material, he/she realizes that what appears to be a distortion of one’s divinity is actually a poetic, imagaic description of soul material that lands outside the confines of one’s belief system.

In this terrain the soul is free to unleash its wildness, uncivilized or untamed by the expectations of the ego—rich in passion—in juice—in life force.  Without this realm, conscious life would be a desert, dry and lifeless.  It would reflect too much light, blinding the student into the illusion that light is all there is.  The deep, dark waters that lubricate and cleanse the soul are essential to the Divine Feminine and must be accepted and embraced.  In this embrace, the light and dark unite in mystical harmony.

Trying to remember dreams is like fishing with one’s hands.  Dreams are slippery, wet and illusive.  They tease our consciousness as our logical mind tries to capture their stories in recognizable language and story line.  Most of our dreams slip away like secret messengers, revealing the impossible line between the world of the awake and the world of the asleep.  If we are lucky enough to catch a dream, we must immediately rush to save it in our dream journals, scraps of paper dedicated to honoring these fleeing moments of contacting the unknowable within.

When we wait too long the dream may vanish, leaving us with a vague sensation that we dreamt something but can’t quite put our finger on it.  Ironically, if we decide to ignore our dream, the dream often continues to swim along side of our waking consciousness, vague and blurry but annoying us with a distinct feeling that there is something there that needs our attention.  It is the same annoying feeling when we stop mid-sentence, having just forgotten our thought.  Oh, how we hunger for integration at that point, for just a momentary opportunity to connect the dots within our soul and see the big picture as it is reflected through our underground friends—the characters that live in our dream world.

I first began to take my dreams seriously when I was thirty-nine years old.  I was entering my mid-life crisis, deep rumblings beginning to resound in my soul.  I had been channeling the Tibetan for three years.  This period had been one of light, light and light.  When we open our channels we are often infused with heightened light vibrations as we access realms beyond the earth plane.  These realms are etheric in nature—lighter, finer, and more rarefied in frequencies.  While this is initially experienced as highly pleasing, expanding and uplifting, eventually there may be a counter-reaction in the psyche.

As I was bathing myself in the heightened light factor known as Djwhal Khul, this higher vibratory rate was flushing out dormant shadows in my soul.  Consciously I was focusing on spirit, love, compassion and other “spiritually correct” qualities while unconsciously my dark side was beginning to stir with a vengeance!  I was able to keep a clean separation between these two worlds for three years.  Then my unconscious broke loose.  I could no longer resist the internal pressure from my own shadow.

My dreams were filled with dark, frightening images. These images pushed up into my mind screen even when I was only momentarily closing my eyes.  I felt barred from the angelic realm as the forces in my underworld caught my soul and began to tug it down, down, down.  Night after night I was tormented by fearful images both personal and collective.  Several months of nightly terror through a repeating nightmare of being pursued by Nazi’s drove me into Jungian dream analysis.  I wanted to get away from these “bad guys” and return to my light-filled “high-level” reality.  However, these “bad guys” would not loosen their grip.  Now that they had my full attention they weren’t going to let go.  I began to wonder what was wrong with me.  Was I being possessed by the dark force in retaliation for all the light work I was doing?

Within the first month of dream analysis these nightmares receded.  Finally psyche had both my attention and commitment to exploring my shadow lands.  I soon realized that it wasn’t the dark force taking over my being but rather my own unique underworld drama trying to participate in my transformational process.  Light magnetizes dark.  It was time for me to dig into my dream life and bring the hidden aspects of myself into full consciousness.  I was amazed at their potency.  Within each dream were characters, real beings, who carried strong emotional charges.  These characters were highly differentiated, specifically created to carry energies that my soul had cast off earlier in this lifetime or perhaps in past lives.
With my channel opened and higher self accessed it was time to tie in all the old threads, leaving no stone unturned in my efforts toward complete wholeness.  Initially I felt embarrassed and exposed by these dark dream beings.  They reflected parts of me that my ego refused to accept.  I teased myself that perhaps these were someone else’s dreams, surely not mine!

With the encouragement of my analyst I began to claim these aspects of my soul, accepting each character as myself.  My curiosity and flair for drama moved me into their reality, wondering what their message or teaching might be.  As I embraced each one, they gifted me with heightened energy that had been bottled up in the dark recesses of the basement within my soul.  As I allowed the dream characters full expression, I realized that there was nothing wrong with any of them.

I learned to appreciate their divinity as much as I appreciate the divinity within a bouquet of flowers.  Allowing my underworld sub personalities to have an impact on me, I saw them as raw gems waiting to be polished.  Polishing them with love and acceptance, I began to embrace this bushel basket of jewels within my psyche.  Soon I began to hunger for my dreams, eager to see what gifts I could pull up from the rich, dark fertile lands of my unconscious.

So, daily I eagerly awake, dream journal close at hand, hoping each morning I will be given another story revealing the next layer of my soul.  Deeper and deeper I go in this quest for soul-knowledge.  Working consciously with my dreams creates a feeling of connection and integration.  I no longer fear the monsters deep within my psyche.  I welcome and celebrate my internal mystery through the stories told by my psyche’s brilliance.

Dreams guide me into the most profound levels of my passion.  No longer do I fear being blinded by the light.  With my awareness firmly anchored and rooted in the soil of my uncensored self, I am free to stretch out into greater and greater realms of light.  Spinning stories of the evolving self and releasing our fears, dreams guide us into our deepest truth.  Dreams are the rainbow bridge between the known and the mystery—moving us into the land where soul and spirit become one.


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