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Wisdom Healing (Zhineng) Qigong Spring 9 week Program


It's a new day! Awaken Vitality & Amaze Yourself


Wisdom Healing QIGONG for spring

with Zayne, Certified Instructor

Shelburne Falls Yoga, 1 Deerfield St, Shelburne Falls Ma


April 7-June 2, 11:00 am-12:30 pm


In this qigong series, Zayne will introduce an integrated system of energy practices that promote aliveness, vibrant health, creativity, and happiness for no reason! 

En-Joy the warm and delicious sensations of free flowing energy in the body as we return to the natural state through committed practice—a vow to make to yourself that seeds so much possibility for transformation; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


*Reclaim an aliveness and joy of being that pre-dates our stories, patterns, habits and automated reactions to life.

*Co create with life energy and

*Promote healing, fostering wholeness and heart centered serenity.

*Discover why and how qigong is a science of miracles.

Info and registration: Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 413-624-9605


Tuition: FIRST CLASS FREE, $100 if registered by april 7.  $120 after.  Drop-ins welcomed $15-20/class. No one will be turned away because of lack of funds. Donations of any amount including Seva are accepted.

What if your physical body was just a reflection of an energy pattern held in the quantum field by your multidimensional awareness? How would you begin to look at your reality and your body?


You (Zayne) truly create a field of healing and learning. All of us who study with you feel this is transformational work. I feel more embodied, and you give us a personal entranceway to connect to Universal healing. This gives us a fresh start. Haola!—Sarah Pirtle, Director, Discovery Center


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