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A Word from Zayne


Dear qigong friends,

One of the hidden blessings of life tragedy is that it can take you to a place you normally would never have ventured. I'm discovering how liberating it is to be beginner again--free of the familiar, the conditioned. 

After nearly a quarter century of qigong practice, I enrolled in  a professional development program 3 years ago and earned my Level 1 teacher certification of a powerful qigong system called Wisdom Healing (Zhineng) Qigong (Oct 2017).

It is taught by master Mingtong Gu, who learned from his teacher, Grandmaster Dr. Pang Ming. Dr Pang founded the largest qigong hospital in the world with a 95% scientifically proven effectiveness in healing disease and illness. 

The first practice I learned was Emotional Healing Qigong, or Five-Organ Intergrative Sound Healing. Using the voice of sound, consciousness and feeling, negative emotions are rapidly transformed, balanced and harmonized with all level of our being. It helped me tremendously with grief.

I have since learned other practices of Wisdom Healing (Zhineng)  Qigong system that complement each other; Lift Chi up Pour Chi Down  and Awakening Vitality (spinal awakening method) example , and the practice of Lachi which cultivates a healing energy ball from the universe.

 I am currently enrolled in a new, year long teacher program of study with a high level teacher close to Dr Pang--Master Zhu, who  taught me Body-Mind Form, another powerful practice of this system. After 2 months of practice, the chronic pain in my feet/ankles has subsided as well as the arthritis in my fingers. A pleasant surprise and illlustration of the "ordinary miracles"  that can happen when you practice. 

  Above and beyond the practices this is a way of life to bring joy and happiness to our lives. I look forward to sharing.

 I’m offering private and small group qigong classes at my Colrain studio which includes the Chi Lab  every Monday and Thurday morning for 2 hours to practice zhineng qigong. In Greenfield , stay tuned for announcement. 

WINTER QIGONG: Beginning February 3, Shelburne Falls Yoga,  I will be offering a 9-week WIsdom Healing (Zhineng) Qigong program! All classes are designed to relax, release stress, and open to receive Universal Energy through slow, gentle movements, breath and mind intent.

The primary emphasis will be the spirit of qigong, Wisdom Healing,  and fundamentals applied to various practices including, but not limited to the following:

1) Cleaning the energy pathways and unblocking obstructions to the energy flow including discordant emotions held in the organs.

.2) Oiling the joints, enliving the spine and opening the body  to enhance the smooth flow and conductivity of vital energy through the body as well as healing and strengthening the major joints.

3) A series of simple, flowing qigong movements that open the spine, shoulders, neck, and pelvis/hips to enhance the flow of healing chi energy as well as massage, cleanse, nourish and strengthen the major organs and bone marrow.

4) standing meditation that adjusts the skeletal structure to enhance the “filling up” of vital energy and fosters the “uncovery” and release of deep tension that blocks energy flow. VERY POWERFUL and fundamental to the cultivation of chi energy in the body.

5) Accessing limitless, healing  source energy of the Universe for the purpose of healing ourselves, healing others and to expand to our highest capacity for vital living and joyful aliveness. 

Stay tuned for information on new classes that are always forming. Consider hosting a Chi Party with Zayne who will travel to your house to teach WHQ.

Chee blessings!


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