Honoring Moriah on the Day of her Passing


To embody our magnitude is to heal the world--Moriah Marston

Moriah passed into spirit two years ago today, March 24. Since the morning of her transition and subsequent mourning of her passing, life has never been the same for many of us and understandably so.

Who, what and how could possibly fill the void that was left in the wake of her departure from earthly life? This was my pressing question of the day, everyday, as we all; community, friends, family, even cashiers at the local food coop and village bank tellers reeled in bewilderment.

And how could our beloved guiding light—full of such goodness, radiance, laughter, inspiration, brilliance, love, devotion and sparkling presence, just…die and disappear—wrenched from our earthly life. No negotiation. Gone…But REALLY? Death, the great teacher, poses many questions and riddles.

But this trial of heartbreak and life inversion hasn’t necessarily been a bad thing as the crushing loss and ensuing dark night would suggest. Death can vivify life and the deeper truth of existence so deeply. And, like the end of a Charles Dickens story, the dots begin to connect and display a cosmic tapestry of which I am now so grateful to be a part.


During Moriah’s physical decline and death I felt there was a secret being kept from us. From the moment hospice care landed in our living room, in the throws of sorrow and disbelief, a voice inside me said, “There is a ‘secret’ behind this tragedy. Wait. You’ll know in time.” Or as my Grandpa replied to me on the way back from the chicken shed when I asked him when the eggs will be laid again, “oh, by and by.”

Well, “by and by” has arrived. PART 1 of the secret is being revealed among us now. I look around to see myself and other students very much alive and growing into the mystery. I am not only surviving the descent but rather thriving I dare say—in a new way. Others too! The scaffolding is gone and leaves us standing. And Moriah-Firestar cheers us on from the Great Beyond…

We are stretching deeper into soul terrain, propelled by the wisdom words of Moriah and the Tibetan, like a love song entwined within our soul passions and deepened intentions to fulfill them. This helps to heal the bleeding emptiness as we take risks in defining, and yes, acting upon the most authentic expression of our evolving, freshly defining selves; transforming, expressing, exploring and becoming…who we really are and came here to actualize.

The heart-mind-desire process sustains and builds upon itself, more than ever before it seems, despite the aching heart and the void that was left for us to fill.  

I feel like a survivor of a cosmic windstorm that raked me down to the post and beam core of my being. And with this stripping down comes a reset and receptivity to liberation from what has obscured and hindered my soul—the “hairball” if you will. Took the alchemical heat of losing whom I cherished and held so dear to me.

So that void, the unformed potential of it all, is now “forming and filling” with fresh promise. It’s like rebuilding from what remains of the past, as if from the ruins of an ancient city, into new form and substance that is more reflective of our individual and group greatness and the truth of who we really are and are becoming.

Can we fully accept ourselves, feel it, know it, deep down inside that we are all great souls, sages, master beings, magicians? Kinda like Moriah but through our own unique expression. To live this secret—that is our Call.

SECRET, PART 2: Moriah never left, just transfigured into a holographic universe, and we can co-create with her. She can do so much for with us from where she is now perched. The vast spirit, the Diamond Vajra of Moriah-Firestar, lives inside each of us, and it’s taking root.

Many of us who have been touched by her loving presence can speak of this. I feel it’s beginning to supercharge my own being as I access her energetic presence through a gentle joy, particularly as the sorrow wears away.

SECRET, PART 3 is the Universe’s response to Secrets Part 1&2, which will greet us in the mystery. Be patient—Ha!


I think Moriah’s soul chose to die at the onset of spring just a day or two following the Spring Equinox for a specific reason. That is, although physical death proclaims the end of existence in form, the timing was Divinely orcestrated and carries a message. On the heels of a long cold winter, there is Spring! Renewal. Light. Warmth. And the emerging season cushioned the stark reality of her departure and whispered hope to us as she passed on the torch.

Some of our community have scattered like seeds to the wind. Others of us have stayed connected and participated in some new programs and events that the School has since offered. Like a river, life keeps flowing and changing as the School yields to the cosmic current and continues to finds its way—resurrecting at it’s own pace—finding new form within the multi-dimensional field of consciousness and the loving energy of the Inner Ashram where the Masters dwell.

In honor of the soul we knew as Moriah, I will end with a quote from the last paragraph of her first autobiographical book, Soul Searching with Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan.

This is a process we all face—the greatest challenge of all—to dare to substantiate our outstanding importance, gifts, strengths and sheer potency of being in honor of the Great Loving Force that has made our existence possible. To embody our magnitude is to heal the world.

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