Is there any permanence? Message from Zayne


Summer is slipping through my fingers at a rapid tempo. I wonder if tempo relates to tempo-rary, because that seems to be the theme of my life these days and for many others--the ephemeral, transient nature of life and all of its fixings.

Facing the permanence of change
Might as well stand and face it, the only permanence is change, as I am forced to discover and yield to the elasticity of my being and trust it enough to meet the turbulent, shifting waters of my existence, murky at times, yet effervescent too. Free will aside, there  is no other choice.

A Taoist sage once said in response the vortexes and roller-coaster-change life brings, I go in with a swirl and out  with a whirl. I follow the way of water and don't think of myself. I have clung to this mantra like a life raft during an initiatory passage of  grief and loss through which I now travel.
Another kind of permanence
But there also is another kind of permanence, something we can actually take with us when we leave our precious bodies. Our Soul Essence. Our Essential Self.

 Releasing soul encumbrances
A purpose of the School of the Golden Discs, and the ticket to embracing the New Consciousness that Moriah and the Tibetan have written and taught so much about, (see Making the Shift: A Field Guide to the Emerging Consciousness, Volume 1), had been to release all encumbraces, the trappings, to our glorious Soul.

To facilitate, recognize and honor the emergence of the soul, distilled into its full radiant expression through a cosmic birth canal known as the Great Narrows (as described in a chapter of the book), is to embrace this initiatory passage into Essence, free from any part of our old self that played subservient to self-created illusion and falsehood. What would our life be like if we truly allowed this God/Godess infused, Source propelled, natural unfoldment to occur?

Soul Purpose
School Purpose #1:To free the soul from self-imposed prisons and open to a divine vista of vastness that awaits in the Mystery of its becoming, equipped with a renewed and truer sense of self in exquisite alignment with the Force of Source.

Unplugging from falsehood and illusion
This rigorous process requires uncensored inquiry, bold scrutiny, uncovery with curiousity and wonder, conscious awareness, and  disconnection from archaic patterns of behaviour--replacing the "outdated software" so to speak, any false or illusory beliefs, lies we tell ourselves to preserve the status quo--what's "comfortable" in our life, unfounded conclusions, overriding ego, limiting, tainted perspectives...

The thrust is to unplug, rewire and  EMPTY out the resultant confining aspects of issues we may harbor such as unworthiness, judgment, worry, fear, numbness, indifference, negativity, post traumatic stress, victimhood, helplessness, guilt, self-doubt, shame, self-betrayal and self-sabotage...everything that obscures and impedes the soul which commands our authentic, flowing, knowing nature.

Spiritual artistry
Simultaneously, we exercise spiritual artistry by FILLING  with the consciousness of optimism, courage,  unconditional joy and self-love, authenticity and expression of our own truth, self-responsibility, compassion, divine service, creativity, genius, commitment, focused intent and so much more. The point is, we are graced with the free choice to do so. Sometimes it takes just a simple shift in perspective to change our entire trajectory. Worth it, don't you think?

The Work ahead: evoking our inner master
Soul uncovery and the unfettered expression of our "inner master," the wise sage in all of us, is the task at hand. Stay tuned for an announcement of our Fall curriculum, events and programs designed for this purpose. There is a huge body of Work of Moriah & the Tibetan that begs to be utilized--fit for soul consumption!

Over time the teachings will be made more accessible to anyone and everyone who's interested in taking this next step with us. The  plan is to revisit the uplifting and expansive recorded teachings of the Tibetan, Moriah's penetrating, cogent and insightful writing, stimulate our inner knowing, share it together as a group, and apply our refreshed perspective.

Power of group synergy and community
We look forward to strengthening our community, and to experience the power of group synergy in many ways; whether its through phone conferencing, google hangout, skype, livestream or meeting on location in the School studio. So many possibilities through which to commune, as souls come together. This is the School of the Golden Discs' proposal. Care to join us?

In the stillness of the storm
Grief over the physical loss over our Guiding Light, Moriah, has caused me and School staff to travel deep within, suspended in embyonic stillness, nestled in the eye of the hurricane of one of life's intense inversions. It's taking a while, but we accept its own divine timing. All is in divine order and we trust it (we think, LOL).

Future program, summer seminar review
Within a month, you can expect an announcement of our School's first program offering.  On July 25th, we help our second seminar since Moriah's passing which addressed the aftershock of loss and devastation. It was deep and transformative and made magical through our candid sharing and exploration of the topic. Unquestionably, the room was graced with the loving presence of the Masters, including Firestar! You could feel them, and for some of us, even "see" them. This collaboration is real and continues...

The power of group synergy came through with flying colors, enhanced by Shaman, Nacela Howe who took us on a shamanic journey followed by a fire ceremony to release the "old" and invite the "new". Backed by her new harmonium, master of the sound current, Eleni Yalanis, led devotional chants and toning, which was woven through the seminar like a golden thread.We so look forward to continuing our seminars and making them available to all who are interested, through phone conferencing, the internet and on-site.

Magic abounds!
So suddenly it's mid August! Like clockwork, the river valley fog has begun to gestate deep in the chalace of the river valley far below our School on the hill, like a dragon back snaking downstream. As the days shorten and the earth cools, these river valley mists thicken and broaden, unfurl and rise with the the sun. When the wind is right, the mists approach, then sift through the apple orchard and envelope the School, as if it were suspended in a cloud. Constant change indeed. Ahh, the mysts of Appalon, so true to the name of our property. And magic abounds!

 In Joy and Love, i remain as always,  Zayne, Director School of the Golden Discs, 413-624-9605

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