Moriah"s Awakening: A word from the Holy Spirit


Moriah reached enlightenment during the last stage of her life. This was the primary goal in her life—to fully awaken. The strong spiritual energy that emanated from her fading life form thickened the air in the great room where she lay; often smiling despite the intense pain she was in.

Shortly after Moriah’s transition, I hungered for a greater perspective. I wanted desperately to know how she is doing out there in the Great Beyond. What is she up to? Did she truly awaken before “lift off”? So I was graced with a reading from Daniel Neusom, a pastor of the Sacred Light Fellowship in Time Square who happens to be an amazing channel for the Holy Spirit.

I would like to share with you some excerpts from this life changing reading:

Moriah" How is she?

Daniel is perceiving her in her true and real power and glory. Her transition and transformation is complete. She has already begun to teach in the new realm she is in, and has begun the work of helping to train and prepare souls who will be coming to the Earth in the near future for the incarnations they are preparing.

The souls she is working with are coming to end of their need to come to earth and she is helping them to let go and release and open to new frequencies that they are to bring to the earth to their respective lives. 

As you hear this description of her work, you will see that it is very similar to what she did when she was in body.  Her transition was a great joy and release and relief for her. She remained on earth of course for her own process, but also so that her departure would not be so jarring or traumatic for you and others in the community. There was a time of preparation for this, giving you each an opportunity to process the experience in your own way...READ MORE AND COMMENT CLICK BELOW


The bottom line teaching here is that life is eternal. There is no death. Now this is something that you know of course, but it has been meant to come into your emotional bodies and your heart and your inner experience. 

She is wanting you to know how deeply she loves and cherishes you and that she truly did not leave you. She is inter-dimensional. And there are times when she will be quite focused with you and your life and work on earth.  She is encouraging you to release the energy and consciousness of regret. Allow the Light, the Rays of God, to cleanse that from the mind. 

She is joined with the Tibetan.  The exact words she is saying is that they are a team and there is a collective joined together in one accord.  And that it was in Divine Order for her to be in the body on earth and to serve as a channel for him. And now they are working in another dimension—as you know it—the Inner Ashram.

It is a realm that serves as a conduit between even higher realms and the earth. There is study, there is play, there is creativity, there is communion, there is joy, and there is a ministry of light of frequency to channeling the cosmic rays into other realms including but not limited to the earth to lift us all higher and higher.  (For further elucidation, see chapter 28 in her last book, Making the Shift: A Field Guide to the Emerging Consciousness, Volume 1, --ed).

Plans to continue the Work? 

Yes, they will be communicating through those who have openness to receive, and that certainly includes you. They are encouraging those who wish to participate, as part of a spiritual practice ask, what is the guidance for us?

What is the guidance for the school? There will be individuals who will clearly receive the help and guidance we will send. They are saying to disperse the teachings, make them available. Continue to work with the principles.  Hold new classes and workshops that utilize what has been given, but more will be coming in a fresh way through those of you who are open. Do not worry; use this as part of your own enlightenment and opening your own inner channels.  

Does Moriah and the Tibetan have any specific words for Zayne as partner in the School and in relationship? 

She is saying to you, expressing to you, that she cherishes you beyond words. That she meant what she said and more; the expressions of love, and commitment. She is saying that you have done great work together and that you were as important to her journey and her development as you feel and believe she was in yours.

She wants you to hold that in your heart and she is conveying that words are inadequate when it comes to Love. Love really cannot be expressed with words. She is saying that great enlightenment awaits if you will open to it. 

And she is saying that we are giving you the means to open to it according to what has been given at the beginning of this session, (referring to the initial part of the reading which was personal to Zayne--ed), and more will come. And there is gratitude. She is expressing gratitude that cannot be expressed with words—it is beyond words.

She is literally holding you now. Her light, essence envelops you and she is asking you to feel your oneness, and we will continue. She wants you to know that what we call through this channel, grace. Grace will cause you to be able to let go in the ways you need to let go in order to be happy and to fulfill what you have yet to fulfill on earth. Grace is a way that your human mind cannot understand orcomprehend. It will shift you in such a way that you will be able to let go in time.

Did Moriah reach enlightenment in this process? She mentioned she could see the big picture but there was one last piece needing resolution?

Yes, she received counseling and a therapeutic process from our realm, from our dimension. This was occurring while her body was still alive, while she was still in human consciousness. She was on earth but yet also in our dimension. You experienced her but during that time she was working with us, on this part of herself that we are discussing, and we will say that all is well.  It is resolved. She completed her awakening. 

Is there anything that the Tibetan wishes to say to Zayne? He misses him dearly…anything about connecting with him,continuing a relationship with him? He is very important to Zayne as a teacher. 

He wants you to know that you will receive his direct messages and guidance and love through your own channel. He wants you to know that you are missing the way to experience him through Moriah, but you will open to your own internal experience of him.

 He wants you to know that he has access to you, you have access to him, and it is just a matter of certain layers of consciousness within you being made more malleable to open.  And that will occur as you practice in the way you are being guided, with your own process of your own consciousness and energy. Ask and you will always receive. 

Do not fear feeling the intensity of your own emotion. This is how you will break through.

Is there anything else that Moriah needs to say to us about the passing before we close?

She is saying that she cherishes each of you and she is holding each of you, although you don’t fully understand it now.


This experience is so important for all of us and it is a blessing. You haven't experienced it yet but in time you will. She is saying that you are meant to grow strong and independent and enlightened in your own beings. And she is encouraging you to use the experience of her "death" for that purpose.  She feels the love you have toward her and is so, so grateful and sends her love to each of you. Be wrapped in it now. 

Give the Holy Spirit your mind and heart and you will be healed and you will be lifted.  


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