From Loss into Infinity


Chapter excerpt from Earth School, a Fresh Perspective on the Human Condition

by Moriah Marston & the Tibetan © 2006

Supposedly nothing is ever really lost in the Universe. All of creation, every being, is infinite in nature and therefore ultimately impervious to annihilation. However, when we lose loved ones, animal friends, long-term employment, health, parts of ourselves and/or outmoded dreams, the loss (so painfully “real”) threatens to devastate our faith and spirit.

Lately, heightened energetic frequencies are impacting the earth plane propelling us forward at lightning speed as if we were on an express train with no local stops at which to get off and look around, take a break, regroup. This express train speeds up our clearing process. Losses are compounding on themselves as we are being forced to radically let go of aspects of our life experience too profoundly near and dear to imagine relinquishing.

Last week my beloved eight-year old Belgian sheepdog, “Zulu,” died after two weeks of battling a fast-moving bone cancer. Because I work at home, Zulu and I were almost constantly together since we first adopted him at ten weeks old. His astounding physical beauty, advanced intelligence, unconditional love, relentless joy, childlike playfulness and utter devotion were nutritional mainstays for my soul. These gifts provided me with the courage, stamina, support and faith to continue to move forward through the intense rigors of the accelerated soul alchemy process of transformation that heats up and discharges all dark pockets in the unconscious.


I savored every minute of Zulu’s presence in my life, never taking the gift of his love for granted. His unexpected, premature death exploded like a shotgun in my heart. As the shock slowly wears off, a profound grief spreads its tendrils into my soul, unearthing all previous grief not yet touched, accepted, worked, integrated from this lifetime and previous lives. It just takes one grave loss to uncork the ocean of tears waiting in the psychic wings to carry off dear attachments to cherished life experiences.

Human beings are hard-wired for attachment. We must bind to others and fasten to life in order to deeply immerse ourselves in our earthly lessons. Yet, ultimately we are expected to release all attachments if we are to be enlightened. My pessimism views this as a cruel cosmic joke. Many of us would like to skim the surface of life to protect ourselves from getting too involved. Supposedly this would ward off the painful devastation of loss. But maybe that's not true. Perhaps the deepest loss is to push away the profound bond that comes from being fully hitched to all that we cherish.

Lately, as our attachments are being ripped from us at an alarming rate, it appears that grief levels are high for many of us. We are being called to expel everything that stands in the way of our ultimate liberation. Normally we are given lifetimes to achieve this disengagement, but with the accelerated energies powering the express train locomotive, daily new challenges surface in the area of accepting loss, letting go and trusting that loss ultimately transmutes into gain. The sheer volume of release currently required by the Divine Plan plummets us into layers of shock followed by the agony of breaking attachments deeply rooted in the soul.

It is not only death that brings this acute pain, but any area of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual cords that are suddenly or slowly ripped from their bedrock. Like being flung from a slingshot, this loss sends us reeling into chaotic disorientation. These days, any areas that we hold onto for dear life (with excessive attachment) are precisely the ones on the front burner for dismantling.

While my spiritually-based mind accepts this rigorous soul-unshackling as an opportunity to lighten my load, release illusion and free my spirit, my human heart aches from the demands of letting go. Often it makes no sense to us when we lose someone or something important. At the time, screaming grief blocks our ability to imagine anything good resulting from the many levels of loss that we endure. Why would our Higher Self require that we lose “the good stuff” in our lives? The need to release bad marriages, miserable jobs, unsupportive friends, unhealthy lifestyles, self-destructive patterns, etc. is obvious. (Ironically, our attachment to the “bad stuff” can be equally painful to surrender because it can be such a source of distorted comfort/familiarity.)

But the grief that comes from having to let go of the irreplaceable joys, dreams fulfilled, loving relationships, fruitful careers, satisfying lifestyles, secure belief systems and jubilant health that have enriched us beyond measure seems insurmountable and senseless. Sometimes we can’t perceive the subtle levels of stagnation creeping into our areas of fulfillment that begin to undermine our evolution. Or our soul may simply need the experience of letting go, starting a new chapter, or learning to deal with loss. On the surface however, most of these losses seem downright wrong—a mistake on the part of the Divine Plan.

One of our greatest challenges is to be able to give an elevated meaning to our losses. How do we uncover the benefits within the loss? When the caterpillar becomes mush in the cocoon it cannot possibly know what a creature of beauty it is destined to become. Perhaps in the cocoon, when missing previous caterpillar definition, identity, mobility, it seems that all is lost. There is no way to foresee the great flight that awaits those mighty butterfly wings metamorphasized from caterpillar legs. So we are asked to “have faith” that somehow, in some way, this wrenching away of our attachments is bringing us to a better place.

The Masters encourage us to count on the Divine Plan and to assume that Source wants only what is best for us. But the mystery inherent in transformation requires blind obedience to trust as we find ourselves subjected to new vibrational frequencies stripping away our invaluable tethers with lightning speed. To reduce unnecessary levels of suffering, we must create a healthy, soothing, healing and higher perspective on loss.

Some of us try to stay out of the attachment loop to avoid the torment of letting go. However, this protection prevents us from realizing the rich happiness inherent in the human impulse to attach. Self-exiled from the exquisite bonds of human passions/ engagement/ exchange, our detachment forces us to live in the in-between worlds—our life a “black-and-white” movie getting grayer by the moment.

To be vitally alive is to open ourselves to the total impact of our earthly life as we submit to our soul’s passions and allow our compelling human engagement to fix us deeply into our experience. Then, exhaustively saturated by the potency of this full immersion (attachment), we must inevitably release our precious “holdings” to open to greater advancement and possibility. Loss is not a limiting process. It cleanses away parts of the old no longer relevant to self’s evolutionary cutting edge. Loss is the gateway into expansion.

The Tibetan teaches:

The Tibetan strides toward me with Zulu prancing along by his side. Together they broadcast the loving reminder that truly nothing is ever lost. He teaches:

All students must walk the razor’s edge of deep immersion in their human journey. This inevitably requires attachment to self’s experience. Evolution demands that all attachments be broken. Therefore, the students must express their innate human impulse to “glue themselves” to life events that provide them with rich earthly learning, while remembering that ultimately all “sticky energy” that carries the fear of loss must be released.

Yes, the students are being wrung out at a cellular level. No stone is left unturned. The Masters can safely predict that as the ensuing dawning paradigm merges with and metamorphasizes the old, purging obsolete levels of human experience, students will have to learn the art of “graceful dismount” fueled by the faith that allows them to positively embrace the required sacrifice of the old in order to birth the new. Many students are learning the art of moving through gut-wrenching grief while simultaneously touching an expanded consciousness beyond all that they have ever known. To hold both loss and gain at the same time is to embody the paradox of earthly life and to evolve beyond duality. At the apex of grief and expansion, the students can comprehend that loss is an illusion.

All aspects of the third dimensional reality will ultimately be “lost” to the fifth dimensional energetic issuance into the Age of Aquarius. Students will have an opportunity to live through the illusion of loss and revisit all unresolved losses from previous lifetimes. While transmuting this illusion, students feel the convincing clench of finality that loss conveys with all the emotional turmoil, collapsing of faith, confused thought patterns and aberration of separation. As the students move through these heaps of losses, they begin to realize at a cellular level that all losses are nothing but a metamorphosis of the soul and its expression in earthly life.

Currently, because most students are still caught in the vivid illusion that loss is real, their awareness that loss is simply a metamorphosis of form is experienced only at a subliminal level. However, as the losses compound upon themselves due to humankind’s transition through multi-leveled gateways of initiation, students will very rapidly realize that all defunct pieces of themselves are still there—glorified in authenticity and essence revealed. Ultimately the only real loss is the loss of illusion.

It is useful to track where the losses are in one’s life. Begin to follow the threads of those losses. Open to the challenge of perceiving the reconfiguration of these threads into new forms, experiences, opportunities, loves, etc. As the students repeatedly examine the possibilities in these losses, they will eagerly move through the grief process that facilitates true release, knowing full well that great possibility awaits them from deep within the “hole” that is left from the discharge of the old. The students then realize that form is temporary as a static point and yet eternal in evolving essence.

As students attune to the eternal essence that infuses their reality, the pain of loss dims, replaced with profound joy. Consciousness is then transformed. The blizzard of losses tenderizes humankind’s rigid orientation toward separation and allows their perception to expand and penetrate the veil that obscures the undying energetic root within departed relationships/loved ones, bygone parts of self, outworn dreams and idolized illusions. This enables self to see all “losses” in their recycled core as this center energetic nucleus breaks down its expressed form and reorganizes into a higher, more effective version of itself.

When humankind finally expels the illusion of loss, the earthly plane will resound in celebration of what has always been—the Eternal. All fear of loss will fall away into a distant sea of tears, no longer necessary to cleanse the soul through grief. Through this emancipation from the tyranny of loss, the collective consciousness will transform into gold. This is the gold that possesses the wisdom of true inter-dimensional connection, where humankind can feel, hear and see the etheric presence of all beings, including all past, present, and future aspects of Self. This evolution brings the students’ consciousness to dwell in the heart of the Universal Holographic Matrix, where all existential points connect to the Center to create the infinity 8—the ultimate Universal Truth.

So allow self’s grief, the final release conduit, to flow and shed all attachments. Accept this process without an agenda for how long the grief should last. Trust the psyche’s genius that produces just enough tears and heartache to honor what has been, to breathe in its treasured essence and to let go of the old shell that truly has lived out its earthly purpose. Then the grief naturally abates as the acute pain modifies into a dull ache which converts into sweet nostalgia which transforms into a rich presence of life deeply lived—the transfiguration into the Eternal. Then this monumental acceleration of awakening becomes a joyous process, free from the fear of loss, which ecstatically ushers in a Universal View of Permanence that opens the heart to full embrace of All That IS.

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