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TRIBUTE TO MORIAH from Peggy Cronin


I have a friend named Ruth who likes to say, “there’s lots more of me back where I come from.” Part of Moriah’s gift is that she helped us all get to the more of ourselves – parts that we couldn’t see on our own, parts that we had been taught to hide or diminish, parts that we were shy about or scared to step into. I know things about myself – I have pieces of myself – that I got to only because of my work and play with Moriah.

I know I am not alone in this – this is true for many people, likely for all of us here in this room – you are a better version of yourself, you have a sense of your own expansiveness, you have a commitment to the sacredness of your soul – because you had sessions with Moriah, because you sat in chats or intensives as she channeled the Tibetan; because you knew her and were touched by her wisdom, her warmth, her courage; because you were instructed and awed by the way she modeled how true power flows from vulnerability; or because you were inspired by her deep, wild love for exploring mystery and working magic.

Moriah encouraged, cajoled, supported, and sometimes insisted that we take the next step, and the step after that, and another step, into our own magnificence. Furthermore, she created a circle big enough and flexible enough for all of our wildly different magnificences to blossom together, a circle in which we came to support each other with tenderness and care. Like Duke Ellington or SunRa or Leonard Bernstein, Moriah was a generous, powerful, idiosyncratic conductor; a radical, creative genius; a courageous pioneer. She was beyond category. TO READ MORE AND COMMENT CLICK BELOW

I think it’s safe to say that this is a room full of seekers, and in our various quests for spiritual growth, many of us have encountered egocentric, know-it-all guru types who purported to show us the way, often in a single-minded, inflexible manner. Moriah was so different. She was grand, but not grandiose. She created space where, collectively, we could each find our own way – she was unwaveringly committed to honoring and celebrating individual nuance in the group process.

In so many ways, Moriah was a master alchemist. At the intensives I often felt like we were her periodic table, and she the outrageous, brilliant inventor – she could see and highlight our most genuine, essential elements, even as she made us aware of the power and function of shadow; she encouraged interactions that yielded new configurations within us and between us. The intensives were deeply honest, elevated, and refined engagements that made room for everyone in all their sweetness and particularity. A true cosmic genius who was nevertheless completely down-to-earth, Moriah was the real deal, and we were drawn to her openness, her vulnerability, her generosity in sharing her enlightened yet very human and humble process. We trusted Moriah because she walked the talk.

It’s tempting to give you my words about Moriah – there’s so much I want to say. But the best contribution I can make to this ceremony, the richest gift I can offer all of us gathered here, is Moriah’s own voice. What follows is excerpted from an email I got at the end of January, in which Moriah spoke about the challenges of cancer and pain, revealing her ever expansive vision, her awareness of the beauty and love around her, even in the midst of severe hardship.

I am in such a surreal place - is this really happening to me? I know that the karmic winds are blowin' strong for all of us as we are clobbered by unfinished business and the need for on-going purification to resolve into our transformed self.  But - yikes! Is this really necessary? I know better, however, than to argue for too long about the karmic lessons that I face at any given moment. 

I am so grateful for your loving presence . . . and I so look forward to seeing you again hopefully in late spring when I am alllllllllll better and ready for a wild powerful intensive. Right now, this passage through cancer and pain is an intensive itself, demanding so much soul-searching while managing lots of pain. I have never been so out of touch with people I love and it’s not my nature to simply not respond, but I have had no choice. I was delighted when I woke up this morning ready to send an email; feels like quite an accomplishment for me these days.

I am so eager to be well and "back to normal", although I know that any moment of “normal” inevitably translates into irrelevance because of the pace of movement into the NEW.  I / we are straddling worlds of alternative and conventional healing. It is overwhelming - so much available and which is the best for my body/mind/soul? . . . right now, receiving word from you [and so many who are sending love, prayers, energy] is definitely the best for my body/mind/soul - THANK YOU. I am blown away by the steady abundant stream -- the out-pouring -- of love and support and encouragement that keeps coming my way.

Meanwhile, being snowed in at Appalon with beautiful fur babies strutting their stuff and cuddling and Peanut's ever-constant face in my face and Lila Mae whisking about like the spirit cat that she is  - not bad!  And my beloved sUNdOG is devotedly doing everything. A heavenly healing center for sure.

-- email correspondence from Moriah, January 30, 2015

In that email you hear Moriah’s incisive attention to all dimensions of what was happening; you hear her questioning; you hear her willingness to work with the mystery. And most of all, you hear such grace in Moriah’s quiet, specific delight in the snow, in her home and in her beloved creatures – the cats, the dog-dogs and her beautiful man-dog, Zayne. That she could so readily catalogue these joys from the center of extreme trial, from the precipice of her own mortality, speaks to Moriah’s vibrance and her sovereignty. Joy was a cosmic mandate for Moriah – it fueled all that she did, and that same joy eased the path for many of us as we wrestled with our own demons and doubts.

I want to linger for a minute on Moriah’s phrase that sums up the description of where she was – a heavenly healing center. The School of the Golden Discs is indeed a heavenly healing center, a school for the expanded consciousness of the soul, a school that Moriah literally dreamed into being. With the move up to the mountain in Colrain, to their beloved Appalon, Moriah, Zayne and Nance took the school to a new level: they committed everything – their time, their money; their physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotional labor – to this mighty endeavor. They dedicated their lives and resources to the integrity of the soul and the furthering of spiritual consciousness on the earth plane and beyond. Along with the support of our resident dragon, Soldann, and the next generation, soul daughter Eleni, – as well as the support of many of you gathered here – Moriah, Zayne and Nance anchored that heavenly healing center in their very homes. Their focus on co-creating soul community is unparalleled, making the School of the Golden Discs a platform for deep engagement with the authentic self, an important site for the emergence of the new human being.

I began by saying we all know more of ourselves because of Moriah. Her passing shakes us; it is hard to do without her gorgeous incarnate form: her blue eyes, sometimes mirthful, sometimes piercing; her luxurious hair framing her wide smile; her colorful, flowing garments; and her adornments of rings, necklaces, and earrings – she was a queen. We long for that warm and regal beauty of hers; we ache for her exquisite discourse, her great sense of humor and fun – it is so hard to let go of the corporeal form. But I really do believe that because we have all experienced Moriah, we each have a heavenly healing center right here in our hearts, and right here in this community. That does not go away because Moriah has shifted back to spirit. I trust that we can keep that heavenly healing center open; I trust we can keep it active and limber, both in our grief at losing Moriah and in our joy for having known her.

We salute you, dear Moriah: yours was an epic life (and the death was pretty epic, too – that was a process we won’t soon forget). We thank you for all that you’ve done as a seeker, a channel, a therapist, a teacher, a healer, a friend. You made love the baseline for growth and transformation – such radical work on this planet that has been too long burdened by fear and empty rigor and punishing discipline. You insisted on love and joy every step of the way – what a tremendous gift you have given us, the world, the universe. We hold precious your wild, healing energy, we continue to bask in your love.

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