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Our Dearest Moriah-lah…

How can we live our lives without Moriah?

Being ever grateful for Moriah’s presence here, sometimes we are shocked into the reality of her passing. We ask ourselves, “How could someone so alive, one who embodied so much life, no longer be?”

The answer can only be that Moriah could never die. And it is the unfolding of our collective commitment to her, to shed our grief when we are ready, to meet her where she is, and to allow her light to continue to shine on us.

For who but Fire* opened our consciousness so that we could glimpse beyond the veils of this material world?

Who but Moriah, through her immense compassion and fierce devotion to each of us, helped us to remember that we are all truly One?

Who but Moriah’s magnificent spirit reminds us that we are all magnificent spirits who agreed to be in this form for such a short while? READ MORE AND TO COMMENT SEE BELOW

And anyone who was touched by Moriah knows this.

Anyone who felt the clarity of her connection to Source, anyone who felt her generosity, her strength, her joy in this life, anyone who received her gifts of intuition, of grace, of endless love, know that her life here was just one way to express her luminous existence.

For her beloved Zayne, for Moriah’s soul family, for those who saw her through each step of her process with untold tenderness and heroic devotion, the pain is greatest, but so were the gifts.

So how do we fill the void that Moriah left while we remain in this material world?

We can almost hear Moriah’s answer, with her eyes flashing empathy, with her voice that was part mentor, part genius, part Broadway star, and part tender confidant, saying to us,

“That’s what that entire life of Love I gave you was for.”

And when Moriah shed her love on us, it felt endless, limitless, beyond this world. We felt the connection to all that Is and to the beyond and that is why we loved her and that is where we will find her now.

How can we live our lives without Moriah?

Who better than Moriah to teach us in her passing, that we never have to live without her.

Long Live Moriahlah!

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