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HONORING MORIAH by Close friend & Shaman, Nancela Howe


Welcome everyone, as we gather to create a vessel of light, love and healing for all in the circle, all in the web of life and for our beloved Moriah. This is the time to Remember all that she has given us and taught us.

We are each being forced to learn how to surf the waves that life brings us and how to navigate these turbulent waters. I want us all to take a deep breath, release all our concerns, smooth out our energy and find a place of balance.

We are all struggling: some hearts heavy, hurting; tears flowing; others angry with the Masters for taking our precious loved one away; our lower minds scrambled from trying to make sense of this all as Moriah’s soul embarked upon this initiation; pulling us in the undertow with her; teaching us to surrender to the greater mystery and keeping our hearts opened. Now is the time to treasure the small kernels of sweetness and adding it to the cauldron of bitterness that holds our grief. Treasure the moments of softness, of joy and of laughter. Moriah has touched all our lives so deeply, so profoundly; pushing us pass our false beliefs of limitation; stretching our minds with her brilliant insight. Her radiant smile lifting our spirits, her quick laugher and her love in playing, singing and making music.READ MORE AND COMMENT CLICK BELOW

We are experiencing such tremendous heart pain, to the point of shattering, breaking down old walls, old structures and it all comes tumbling down and in the ruins are pieces of sweetness.

Now is the time to break through Separation Beliefs: for something is going on at a very deep spiritual level.

In our honoring of Moriah we are to further the work that she has devoted her life towards: Be the light in the world and function on a day to day level bringing in the Divine light and love on the Earthly plane. Be the Extraordinary .

We are all in different places moving through our grief; some in pain, anger, sorrow and sadness; others sensing the ecstatic excitement of Moriah’s new frontier. She was always the pioneer, charging forth into the higher realms of consciousness, bringing back to us her Genius interpretation of the new cosmic day. There are parallel realities that are existing simultaneously, and we are each being propelled to move through our Earthly limitations and grasp the larger dimensions that abounds us; the lifting of the veils.

She has given us all the building blueprints to open ourselves to the higher planes and go beyond our earthly consciousness.

Moriah has always honored other’s emotions; allow yourself to cry and release your sorrow; accept it and allow these tears to take us on the other side, crying for the loss feeds our inner garden; helps us keep the door opened and with our tears this door opens wider; we feel that our hearts are shattered and paradoxically, it opens and expands beyond our consciousness. Now is the time for us each to cultivate a rich inner garden; allowing our tears to irrigate our soil; enrich the earth to sprout new seeds of growth. Allow the joy and laughter to fertilize our inner garden.

Open to the love that flows around us; we are each to connect with the Divine Source; We honor spirits that guides us with love, for only love heals; and we heal through the power of love.

Let us give thanks to the helping spirits and our helping ancestors who support us, protect us and guide us in our lives. We honor the Helping spirits who are with us now and who we will be needing over time; We honor with our heart. Know that as long as there is light and love all is possible.

When Moriah was in the throes between life and death, I stepped outside, to walk the dogs it was 3:30 in the morning; and I started a conversation letting her know of all the things that I will miss doing with her and about her: such as our walks with the dogs; our dream time, our Tuesday night dinners; her laughter and radiant smile; her authentic interest in my life and most importantly my process. At that moment she instilled an image of her and I walking up a steep mountain. She came to a point and said, I must continue on alone, just know that we will meet at the top of this peak. And there she was lifted up to the heavens in dazzling light. I saw her smiling at a high peak with a glorious brilliant light around her, waving to come join her in our corporeal forms; the task each of us must pursue, is to pull upon the roots of our old pains; our old diminished selves; Yet the last leg of this path is steep and slippery; will the old roots of disconnections, old wounds hold us up from reaching that peak. Will we slip by our own limitations? Yet, she beacons us all to join her and re-connect in a more glorious profound way.

Moriah’s initiation has propelled each of us upon our own initiations; one of dismemberment, shattering breaking down all that we have known; and ironically, out of this dismemberment; comes a rebirth a time of remembering that we are strong, that we can still find joy and love and reconnection with a deeper aspect of ourselves and with one another. Know that we each have the strength deep within and the courage to go forward on our evolutionary path. This is the time for us to embrace our new expansive self. This is the time for us to honor the work that Moriah has instilled within us each to go forward, to get in touch with the deeper self, a time of rebirth and rejuvenation. Remember the only way out of this dismemberment is through; call upon your helping spirits to lead you out into the new day. Remember our connection with Moriah, remember our connection with Love and Light.

I send you each much love and light; a big thank you for all of your generosity, your support and the deep love you have each shared.

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