Monthly Missive: April Edition


Are you ready to take it easy and stop pushing as much? It’s time to rest and release our fears of being nonproductive. The pitch of today’s evolutionary demands is so potent and relentless that most of us are experiencing unusual levels of fatigue. We feel worn out to the core...bone tired. This profound exhaustion often overshadows our day regardless of how active we may be or the amount of sleep we had the previous night. Weariness takes us down into the quicksand of malaise where an unshakable heaviness enfeebles the body and emotions. Regardless of our chronological age, we may be feeling old and spent. We may interpret this fatigue to be a form of depression. Indeed, the dead weight of depression that exists in deep levels of our collective unconscious is currently being unearthed to be healed and transformed.

Depression reflects a state of contraction that is not our spiritual destiny. The release of much karmic debris that is circulating through our energy body, coupled with the discharge of the collective depression, takes tremendous energy; we are left feeling overtaxed, even when our outer life is relatively mellow.

In addition, lately we are wondering if our sleep state, rather than replenishing vitality, is adding to the exhaustion. Many of us wake up drained because we have been working on unresolved soul issues all night on the inner planes, usually in our dreams. So when do we rest?

We need to create an inner hammock experience where we let everything go, including the evolutionary stress, and allow ourselves to sway with the Universal vibrations and be gently rocked by soothing cosmic breezes. Here we yield to the greater rhythm of the Divine Plan and bask in the love of the Divine Mother Who so tenderly holds us through this new threshold. In addition, any “hammock” experience we manage to create in the outer would serve as a much-needed balance to today’s relentless transformational challenges.

With no respite from the extraordinary alchemical heat, it’s no wonder that we are tired. Rather than judge ourselves for being too weak to meet the moment, let’s summon and cherish as much quiet time as possible. Attempts to override the undertow of fatigue with our usual punchy yang energy will only burn out the adrenal glands and weaken our spirit.

It’s time to release all unnecessary activities as well as the impulse to keep pushing at life. We need all of our life force to meet the blizzard of vibrations currently reshaping and preparing us for the shift in consciousness. Let’s resist the impulse to scatter our energy.

When we contain our energy, the reward is a solid hum in our vibration that grounds and allows us to do the miraculous -- to hold center while riding the enormous wave of energy that ushers us through the gateway to the new paradigm.

The Tibetan adds:

“Humankind is used to evolving through the “normal” gravitational field. As it adjusts to an expanded consciousness that exists within a subtle, more rarefied plane of being, there is a temporary passage through an experience of heaviness, the juxtaposition of the third and fifth dimensional fields of being. This heaviness feeds a sense of exhaustion.

Once the student makes full transition into the emerging consciousness, there will be an unprecedented buoyancy of being, clarity, lucidity, and lightheartedness. In the meantime, be gentle with self and validate the energetic demands inherent in this time of conversion Throw off time-pressured goals and conserve energy.

Tremendous energy is required to give birth to the new human being.Receive the Divine Mother’s softhearted nurturing to support self through today’s rigors. Consider self a newborn who needs much rest in order to assimilate the wonders of a brand new existence.”


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