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Moriah Speaks with Barbara DeGraw of Inner Realm Magazine about Making the Shift: A Field Guide to the Emerging Consciousness, and the work of the School of the Golden Discs:

Barbara DeGraw: Who are you?

Moriah Marston: As an agent of transformation, I have been a soul mentor in private psychotherapy practice for 28 years,. This honor has allowed me to gather deep insight into the sacred nature of our human condition. I have been a channel for Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, known as the Tibetan, since 1986, which has profoundly expanded my awareness. The Tibetan is the “Headmaster” of the School of the Golden Discs, a center for expanding consciousness and a sanctuary for the soul, which my husband and I founded in 1991. I was a columnist for “Wisdom Magazine” for 10 years. I am passionate about humankind’s ability to transform, especially as we ride today’s accelerated evolutionary curve.

BD: Why did you write “Making the Shift?”

MM: Since 2002, the Tibetan gently and persistently encouraged me to combine his wisdom and guidance with my own personal and professional experience to offer others a description of the mysterious process we are undergoing as we stand at the threshold of the New Age. Our collaborative intent was to bring clarity, reassurance, understanding and inspiration to orient, ground and support humankind as we undergo the rigors of releasing the old and opening to a new paradigm that baffles the linear, logical mind. “Making the Shift” is offered as a tool to help integrate the new frontier that we all face.

It reminds us of the big picture which helps us sidestep the seduction of obsolete programming. As we delete the old software in our collective human “computer,” the book offers new software -- a much needed upgrade!

BD: What is the emerging consciousness?

MM: It is so filled with mystery, that I cannot definitely answer this question. However, the clues that I have received from the Tibetan indicate that the emerging consciousness is a multidimensional experience through which we perceive reality beyond the time/space continuum. The past is fully resolved and integrated, including past lives, and we are operating from the combined guidance of the heart chakra and the intuitive mind. We have released our attachment to negative thinking, false beliefs, judgment, scarcity and suffering. We have many gifts, such as telepathic communication, clairvoyance, and genius level intelligence because we will be accessing the vast untapped part of the human brain. The veils of separation are thinning and we will easily make conscious contact with beings on the spirit plane and our intergalactic family. We will truly feel a level of unprecedented freedom, self-responsibility, and potential as we are called to create a new world order. Our collective heart will be wide open as an extraordinary love softens, expands and unites us.

BD: How do we accept the labor pains of shifting our consciousness?

MM: We need to remember that this is a birth process with a remarkable outcome. Just as a birthing mother knows that she has no choice but to go through labor, we must accept that there is no turning back from this opening. It is nonnegotiable! This helps us to cultivate a sweet surrender to our divine destiny which both relaxes and helps us to release resistance. The more that we relax, the less painful the process. When overwhelmed, we need to breathe deeply which assists with the energetic expansion, softens our defenses and heightens our awareness. When we accept that we eagerly signed up for this time of initiation, we are motivated to stay present during the contractions. It’s an honor to be riding today’s crest! Let’s remember that the contractions go in cycles. We do surface from the pain/pressure. We create unnecessary suffering if we interpret the contractions as a punishment from the Universe. When we keep in mind that this challenging process results in a joyous creation -- a new beginning -- a spiritual renaissance -- then we are inspired to release all resistance to these cycles of stretching. If we take this pain personally, we may feel disempowered and angry at Source/God. Everyone is equally undergoing this birth. We can cooperate with the contractions by consciously aligning our will with the Divine Plan and trusting that we can handle the full extent of the birth labor. It helps to call on the angels and ascended masters to serve as midwives and surround us with support. When we acknowledge that this is a time of transition -- that the pain won’t go on forever -- after each contraction there is a feeling of being cleansed. Let’s be very tender, gentle and empathic with ourselves and do restful, soothing activities. Most importantly, let’s have as much fun as possible to release any burdensome levels of seriousness so that the process flows with grace and ease.

BD: I connect receiving with burden, and to let go of that connection is painful, what is the best way to move through letting go of the pain so I can make that shift?

MM: To receive doesn’t mean that we owe anything to the person or situation from whom we received. The burden may come from an uncertainty about our worthiness to receive, or that we are responsible to the other person if we receive from them, or from a false belief that indicates it is more divine to give than to receive. It is different to receive than to take. To receive with gratitude alleviates our sense of owing. We are vulnerable when we receive. When we compassionately bring our tender attention to the pain, we can embrace the vulnerability and make loving contact with whatever part of ourselves was hurt by having to receive in a way that was not good for us. We can release any false beliefs connected to this, and bask in receiving Divine Love which is given unconditionally.

BD: Is shifting our consciousness a series of “letting go” or can we really shift all at once?

MM: Both! Making the shift is an intensified process of purification, resolving trauma, and letting go of our old story, lies and illusions. This takes place over time -- sometimes appearing painfully slow and then suddenly we may feel bombarded by a blizzard of karmic demands. Conversely, we have many breakthrough moments of unusual clarity, love, inner peace and brilliance. The Tibetan says that we often repress these “shifts” because they are unfamiliar and seem to threaten the status quo.

BD: How do we finally change our viewpoint and make the full shift?

MM: Our viewpoint is changing naturally as the old is washing away. It appears to erode slowly and then unexpectedly life seems different. So we need to embrace the moment and not look back. When we gather with kindred spirits -- like-minded souls who share our orientation -- then our new reality is strengthened and validated. We can leave the old tribe’s perspective without abandoning loved ones who are still anchored in third dimensional conditioning. It helps to let go of the notion that the shift will happen in an instant, and instead see it as an ongoing process that is changing us from moment to moment. This does not have to be a dramatic event. We can allow ourselves to fluctuate between our usual consciousness and the new awareness -- perhaps even playing with holding them both simultaneously so that we don’t see it as an either/or. As we surrender to the comprehensive level of mystery within this shift, we allow all preconceptions to be washed away by today heightened vibrations. Then we are open. To fully trust that the shift is being made for us allows us to simply pay attention, without an agenda, to the nuances of change unfolding. Soon we are pleasantly surprised to realize that we are NEW!

BD: What is sweet surrender?

MM: To surrender does not mean to give up out of despair, frustration, resentment or hopelessness. Rather it is a way of acknowledging and collaborating with our destiny. Sweet surrender offers us the delicious experience of letting go as we release resistance to our karma. When we move into soft compliance with the Divine Plan, we feel like an infant held by the mother in a surrendered, uncompromising trust. This letting go lets us relax into the mystery. To trust the Divine Plan allows us to release control which frees up energy. We come out from under the grip of the relentless taskmaster of our ego with its attempts to override our soul’s purpose. Surrender is sweet because it humbles us, leaves us open and free from rigid resistance, and more available for contact with Universal Love.

BD: How do we know what to do, when to participate and when to just surrender?

MM: There is an intense energetic magnetism these days that is literally pulling us in certain directions and requiring specific tasks. It feels like an internal pressure -- an insistence that won’t go away regardless of our resistance. We need to release all notions based on “normal” expectations of what we are supposed to do and in what time frame. Then we patiently wait in front of the blank canvas. There is no need to become frustrated if directives don’t come quickly. Patience allows us to practice the trust that something new is emerging on its own timing. When we allow our heart and intuition to guide us, while suspending logic, we can eject old agenda’s, and feel the pulse of revolutionary guidance moving us in unusual directions. When the Path shows nothing, it is time to surrender to the mystery and remember that our soul’s call to participate will reveal itself on its own terms. We may be surprised at how much less is required in our outer life and how much more is required in our inner life. If we are participating in ways irrelevant to our shift, we will feel hollow and flat -- unbearable to our soul at this intense juncture when we are being honed into pure purpose as focal points for the new paradigm. When nothing we are doing is working out, we simply need to surrender and be curious -- watch for signs and wait. When contemplating what to do, it’s best to follow our yearnings, passions, excitement and desire to be a part of this great momentum in our own unique way. We must recognize any parts of ourselves that need to undergo a revolution and give ourselves permission to stop doing time in prisons of obsolete conditioning.

BD: What one action can we do today to begin shifting our consciousness?

MM: As we move through the challenges of today’s evolutionary roller coaster, it is easy to forget where we are. It helps to journal any changes in our perceptions, no matter how slight. This will make the shift real and offset the pull of the collective unconscious that tries to bury the new awareness in loyalty to old conditioning. Let’s notice how much our consciousness has changed over the past five years. As we substantiate this change, then transformation becomes real. To remember what is happening stimulates receptivity to the new horizon. Why not write our imagined version of the new consciousness and stick it on the refrigerator to offset the seduction by the negative story reflected back to us in the world. Then we can remember the fabulous transition we’re undergoing and not lose sight of this time of birth. Openness to an extraordinary new vision will stimulate a dramatic awakening.


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