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This recording is an hour long excerpt from the  series "Sacred Explorations with Moriah and the Tibetan" offered by the school of Golden Discs in 2014.

Moriah uses a blend of channeling and intuition to distill wisdom from Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, (the Tibetan) to answer the question: 

"How can we navigate the difficulties we experience in life (especially the really challenging ones) without losing hope?"  

The answer is illuminating and applicable for anyone looking for help with navigating challenges.

This hour long teaching is yours with any donation over $20.  Simply choose the button below that matches your chosen donation amount. 

All donations support the rebirth and expansion of The School of the Golden Discs, allowing us to carry forth the work and teachings of our Founder, Moriah Marston, who passed away  March 24, 2015 after several months of bravely navigating the challenge of advanced cancer.  Her mission was complete but fruits of her Work and Devotion to the Masters and to the evolution of  humankind continues. 


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