The Viability of Magic! Ashram of the Masters. 3 Part Downloadable Series

Being the Magician, Collaborating with the "Greater Forces", integrating linear and non linear reality. 3 parts
Rating: 5/5

Cd 1 part 1

CD 1 part 2

CD 2 part 1

CD 2 part 2

CD 3 part 1

CD 3 Part 2


Our 3-Day Holiday Intensive on the Viability of Magic, held in late December, was a truly a “beyond words” experience. We’re still integrating the uplifting, expansive impact, and we are inspired to offer further exploration of being the magician; collaborating with “the Greater Forces” and integrating both non-linear and linear reality.


The Tibetan’s teachings (3 recordings) on this topic are now available for purchase as follows:

Part 1: Removing Blocks to Accessing Magic

Part 2: Journey to the Inner Ashram, Accessing the Violet Ray, & transmission from Master St. Germaine, the Cosmic Magician and Alchemist of the ascended masters.

Part 3: Integrating the Inner Ashram with Outer Life, Connecting with St Germaine and the Violet Flame.


This is a downloadable product. You will receive an email confirmation after paypal check-out with the links to download each of the 3 parts. 


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