Letting Go of Fear Opening to the Mystery 3 CD Set

The Tibetan, Master Djwhal Khul, speaks through Moriah Marston on Letting Go of Fear and Opening to the Mystery. 3 CD set! Part 1: Leaving Fear
Part 2: Basking in the Gifts of the Mystery Part 3:Fear Free in the Mystery Part
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The Tibetan, Master Djwhal Khul Speaks through Moriah Marston on the topic of Letting Go of Fear and Opening to the Mystery. 

3 Part Series recorded LIVE at the School of the Golden Discs in Colrain, MA 

 CD 1 - Leaving Fear 

1) Moriah reads her article: Leaving the Dread Zone
2-8) FEAR: As protection and motivator: Tracking root and beliefs creating it
Illusory nature of Fear, Chronic fears, Being Prepared, Feeling Vulnerable to and in the present, 
Fascination: Underbelly of Fear, Loyalty to fear, 
Consious loving awareness, Courage to change, Fear of Success and failure

CD 2 - Basking in the Gifts of the Mystery
1) Moriah reads her article on The Mystery
2-8) Releasing lower mind's attachment to knowing. Temporary suspansion of Self's extrasensory gifts, 
Mystery as the Divine Feminine, Unformed potential/essence of Self's vast being, Doorway to 5th Dimension
Marrying the Mind of knowing with the Mystery, Visions and body in the Mystery

CD 3-Fear Free in the Mystery
Sea of Mystery, Fear as protection/control, Expansion/breaking attachment, Feeling small vs. Magnificent, Facing fear generated lies, 
Leaving the comfor zone, Vulnerability as portal to bliss-full exposure to Light, 
Love neutralizing fear, Initiation of uncertainty, Faith to release fear-the Tibetan's benediction to the students for this weekend's intensive topic. 


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