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A center for soul nourishment and expanding consciousness, the School of the Golden Discs is a vehicle for harnessing the great human potential of these transformational times and serves as a platform for the group awakening during this momentous period of humankind's collective shift into the new paradigm. Our mission is to bring vision and the higher perspective of where we are going as human beings during these times of great change, and to equip students with the psychological and spiritual resources needed to meet today's challenges of accelerated evolution and transformation.

In addition, our intent is to create a global community by serving as a nexus of kindred souls to explore, uncover and encourage the expression of their innate wisdom and to share this exciting and potent spiritual journey with others. The school provides the opportunity for kindred souls to come together. Our aim is to heal isolation, connect people who are on the same wavelength and enhance our link with the spiritual plane.

The School of the Golden Discs offers building blocks of consciousness for the New Human Being. Its curriculum includes psycho-spiritual inquiry, integration and application of the contemporary, metaphysical teaching of Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, group sharing and synergy, exploration of soul purpose, and enhanced receptivity to universal energy. Since consciousness expands to fill the space available, the school focuses on the removal of false beliefs that limit and imprison us. Once these illusions are released there is a great opportunity for consciousness expansion and augmented wisdom.