There was outreach and travel too. The School delivered Seminar Intensives and Chats in the Northeast—Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York City, Vermont and Western MA. And the Pacific Northwest too! —Seattle WA, Portland and Eugene, Oregon (many thanks to Dr Stephen Kimberly for making the NW connection happen).

A move to Colrain country: school is built and programs expand


In 2007 we built our school/home on a colonial apple orchard upon an energy vortex with staggering views that drew us to this sanctuary in the foothills of the Green Mountains. This was the place to begin the next step of the School.  We moved in one frigid day February 2008 and gave our first Chat there the following weekend.

During the next seven years, right up to just three months before Moriah’s ascension, the School offered over 30, Three-Day Seminar Intensives, many of which were based on topics addressed in her last published book with the Tibetan, MAKING THE SHIFT, A Field Guide of the Emerging Consciousness, Volume 1.  At the time of her passing she was working on Volume II. Stay tuned for future release!


In addition, we delivered over 80 monthly Chats with the Tibetan and a variety of day-long seminars, including seminar trips to Attila’s Place in Long Island City, Daniel Neusom’s Sacred Light Fellowship in Times Square, Unity of New York in Manhattan, and others.

 Tele-Groups: Where souls come together.


To extend our global reach, the School offered What the Heaven is Happening?! The Cosmic Perspective Phone Group—where souls come together—with Moriah and the Tibetan.  

This exploration inspired the formation of many other tele-groups exploring a variety of topics Moriah wrote about, and it was exciting to connect with those around the country, including a dear African woman from the desert of southern Africa! She had discovered Moriah and our School through her article on-line about Self-love—ahh, the wonders of the Internet!

The feeling of a global village connection, all theses souls coming together on the Call, beyond space, was deliciously rewarding and so Aquarian Age.

Transformational Times Membership Site


Another program was The Transformational Times Community Membership Site. It was developed to provide recordings of the Tibetans teachings, Moriah’s writing, and those Saturday morning, over-a-cup-of-coffee, phone groups. The Calls went very deep for those who participated—from East to West coast, including Hal from Vancouver…hi Hal, miss you brother!

˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜ ˜

The School continues: Transformational Times Healing Center introduced


Following the passing of our beloved founder and “guiding light,” the School continued as staff members Eleni, Nancela, and myself offered three, day-long seminars on grief, loss, and finding light in the dark night of the soul. The deep sharing that we experienced in such an intimate, energized setting was profoundly healing.

And so emerged a new theme—healing—healing and integrating all dimensions of our being, particularly the emotional body.  This inspired us to add Transformational Times Healing Center, to the title, School of the Golden Discs.

The last 18 months have been a time to go deep into the feeling of the pain and upheaval of staggering loss, and find a way to work with grief and heal, discover and acquire new strengths. It’s been a time of tears and joy, licking wounds and learning, surrender and release, grace and blessings, self-discovery, trust, faith, and renewed connection with self, each other, and the spirit plane. 

In part, the sound current has served as a vehicle for this, which has prompted new explorations using Kirtan devotional music and the sound of voice (Eleni), Wisdom Healing sound qigong (Zayne), and shamanic journey (Nancela) to uplift, by-pass the trappings of the mind, raise our vibration and heal. Thus our monthly Sound Healing Saturday was born last December and continues to evolve.  

Making Contact


The general theme of the School for the next year or two will be making connection and contact, with our souls and to each other and the spirit plane as well. Stay tuned for announcements of new programs pertinent to the theme. The staff is here to assist through group and individual process, offering spiritual and shamanic counseling, mind-body-spirit integration, tele-groups and gatherings.

Also, Eleni is an emerging channel for the Tibetan and is beginning to share her clear and powerful connection with our dear headmaster. Come join us on the Sunday Soul Circle.

In the spirit of the School and Moriah’s legacy, we are called to stretch our consciousness, relax into the evolving edge of our discomfort, feel it all, act upon our soul’s passion as a living prayer, journey inward, find the gold in our authenticity, believe in ourselves…and the Divine Plan, share our gifts, express our magical child and return to innocence, the natural state—All is perfect, all is well. And so it is! Haola!

Thank you all for your loving support, participation and camaraderie through the years!