Self-Love or Self-Betrayal?

It seems that self-love is the ultimate cure for all woes. When we fully love ourselves everything falls into place. The development of self-love is not simply an abstract positive self-affirmation but rather a deep heart sensation of self-adoration. It’s customary to express love for others. But do we look in the mirror each day and address ourselves the same way...with feeling? Do we cherish our reflection? How far are we willing to take this self-love assignment? Is it embarrassing to be deeply in love with yourself? Fearful that self-regard leads to ego inflation, we distantly love ourselves with a clinical detachment designed to stem the ego’s hunger for self-importance. Yet loving union with self is essential for total transformation.

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Answering the Higher Call

Chapter excerpt from EARTH SCHOOL: A Fresh Perspective on the Human Conditionby Moriah Marston ©2006

Call Waiting

Lately I’ve been feeling a distinctly potent Call from the higher planes. This Call carries a sense of urgency—ethereal, vague, and undecipherable. I wonder what I’m really tuning in to. Is this just a figment of my imagination? Or is something trying to get through to me, to us? The Tibetan urged me to write about the Call, interrupting our usual conversation with “Call waiting” from the Masters, trying to get our fully conscious attention.

How many of us feel a Call from the higher planes? Do we know how to respond to it? Is it discounted as simply mindless imagination? Are we embarrassed to admit that we may be electronically connected to higher frequencies that spark the synapses in our brain, hooked to some primal code established eons ago, to fire up just when the planet/ universe needs our attention?

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Monthly Missive: April Edition

Are you ready to take it easy and stop pushing as much? It’s time to rest and release our fears of being nonproductive. The pitch of today’s evolutionary demands is so potent and relentless that most of us are experiencing unusual levels of fatigue. We feel worn out to the core...bone tired. This profound exhaustion often overshadows our day regardless of how active we may be or the amount of sleep we had the previous night. Weariness takes us down into the quicksand of malaise where an unshakable heaviness enfeebles the body and emotions. Regardless of our chronological age, we may be feeling old and spent. We may interpret this fatigue to be a form of depression. Indeed, the dead weight of depression that exists in deep levels of our collective unconscious is currently being unearthed to be healed and transformed.

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Riding the Wave: 1st Issue

It is 2012 and we are still here! Has anything truly changed? The place to look for breakthroughs is internal as we wait with baited breath for something extraordinary to happen. Some of us expect the worst...annihilation of our world. Others assume that no breakthrough will occur—there will be no cosmic day and we will only round the bend into the dead end of the human condition...

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Making the Shift Featured in Inner Realm Magazine

Moriah Speaks with Barbara DeGraw of Inner Realm Magazine about Making the Shift: A Field Guide to the Emerging Consciousness, and the work of the School of the Golden Discs:

Barbara DeGraw: Who are you?

Moriah Marston: As an agent of transformation, I have been a soul mentor in private psychotherapy practice for 28 years,. This honor has allowed me to gather deep insight into the sacred nature of our human condition. I have been a channel for Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, known as the Tibetan, since 1986, which has profoundly expanded my awareness. The Tibetan is the “Headmaster” of the School of the Golden Discs, a center for expanding consciousness and a sanctuary for the soul, which my husband and I founded in 1991. I was a columnist for “Wisdom Magazine” for 10 years. I am passionate about humankind’s ability to transform, especially as we ride today’s accelerated evolutionary curve.

BD: Why did you write “Making the Shift?”

MM: Since 2002, the Tibetan gently and persistently encouraged me to combine his wisdom and guidance with my own personal and professional experience to offer others a description of the mysterious process we are undergoing as we stand at the threshold of the New Age. Our collaborative intent was to bring clarity, reassurance, understanding and inspiration to orient, ground and support humankind as we undergo the rigors of releasing the old and opening to a new paradigm that baffles the linear, logical mind. “Making the Shift” is offered as a tool to help integrate the new frontier that we all face.

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Moriah Discusses Making the Shift- Part 1

Moriah discusses Making the Shift with Rahasya, from lotusguide.com, part 1
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Moriah Discusses Making the Shift- part 2

Moriah discusses Making the Shift with Rahasya from lotusguide.com , part 2

Moriah Discusses Making the Shift -Part 3

Moriah Discusses Making the Shift with Rahasya, from lotusguide.com, part 3

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