Creating structured, energized and alive water

What IS this: An Energizing, Structuring, Ennobling process of water that transmutes water into it’s 4th state, a “quantum” state, a frequency of aliveness and inner wisdom. Change the information and structure of water to a liquid crystalline state, change your consciousness. Ponder this:

The memory (frequency) of the water inside of you creates your reality...

What you might not know that could change your life: Listen to MJ Pangman eloquently describe this magical state of water, a liquid chi that you can program. Her website:

What is the new science of water? 

What IS Structured Water?  Experience the first FREE module of the the Magic Water course that Josh and Kascper ( brilliantly conceived. This inspired me to become a water wizard. Also view a17 minute video on how to create this water with a very small investment., DEMO click HERE


1) INITIAL SOAK AND STRUCTURING (pre spin) :Well water soaks in, attuning to high

vibration crystals and structuring begins: shungite, tourmaline, aquamarine, quartz, ect. Perpetually generating, energizing, structuring while it awaits to be vortexed and further transmuted in the next step.

2) ENERGIZING AND STRUCTURING WITH “VORTEX” Water transferred into glass pitcher with shungite crystals at the base,to be spun and infused with source energy, and structured further. Energy and information from our School’s crystals communicate with the water. Water vortexed on a magnetic, direct current stirrer., thus avoiding discordant EMF’s emitted from alternate current.