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Chapter from Making the Shift: Field Guide to the Emerging Consciousness by Moriah Marston and The Tibetan

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Our scientific orientation indicates that we are all basically the same; a general rule of thumb applies to everyone.  But we are entering the Age of Aquarius that emphasizes the uniqueness within each individual. The unfoldment of the new consciousness will take place within groups of highly individuated people. Therefore all generic responses, expectations and perspectives on how, who, what we should be and do become obsolete as we enter this new dimension in consciousness. 

            Many clients tell me that they simply don’t know in what direction to turn next. They are disenchanted with customary belief patterns and logical thinking because these only lead to old roads that have become dead ends.  We are in new territory, the terrain of the soul, and must acclimate ourselves to the best possible way to navigate this frontier. 

            In a way, divorced from the past, we are “on our own,” pioneering a completely new response pattern to the human condition.  While it may feel like we are floundering around without an anchor, we are actually breaking all barriers to greater alignment with our souls. This alignment provides an unsurpassable guidance.

            Although it is tempting to scurry back to the familiar, we would soon agitate in that tight box, filled with a sense that something is not quite right. We would feel out of sorts because intuitively we recognize that the heart is the base camp for our climb up today’s wondrous new mountain of possibility. The heart is the new terrain of evolution that reveals our destiny and encourages us to go for it. 

            This new paradigm heralds a time of infusion. We are called to bring heaven onto the planet, rather than ascend off the planet.  The way to fulfill this Divine Call is through the heart. The heart, our core access point, is the ultimate gateway into the new consciousness.   

            The Tibetan teaches that the heart is the central organizing principle that unfolds the Path; it connects our emotions with the mind and intuition. The heart is the true compass for our journey on the earth plane.  Although we may look to the heavens for guidance, the real conductor is the heart. It shepherds us through the travails of transformation while bathing us in a sea of love and compassion for the rigors of the process. 

            We need to observe whether we live by our heart or mind.  Do we honor the heart as the captain of our vessel? Or do we attempt to make it subservient to the will of our mental ego? What does it feel like to truly have an open heart?

            Many of us declare that we are connected to our hearts. Yet, we actually spend very little time orienting our compass to our heart’s messages and sensations.  Instead we ignore this vital Lighthouse of Guidance and beeline it to our lower minds to logically think our way through life. 

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Making the Shift Featured in Inner Realm Magazine

Moriah Speaks with Barbara DeGraw of Inner Realm Magazine about Making the Shift: A Field Guide to the Emerging Consciousness, and the work of the School of the Golden Discs:

Barbara DeGraw: Who are you?

Moriah Marston: As an agent of transformation, I have been a soul mentor in private psychotherapy practice for 28 years,. This honor has allowed me to gather deep insight into the sacred nature of our human condition. I have been a channel for Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, known as the Tibetan, since 1986, which has profoundly expanded my awareness. The Tibetan is the “Headmaster” of the School of the Golden Discs, a center for expanding consciousness and a sanctuary for the soul, which my husband and I founded in 1991. I was a columnist for “Wisdom Magazine” for 10 years. I am passionate about humankind’s ability to transform, especially as we ride today’s accelerated evolutionary curve.

BD: Why did you write “Making the Shift?”

MM: Since 2002, the Tibetan gently and persistently encouraged me to combine his wisdom and guidance with my own personal and professional experience to offer others a description of the mysterious process we are undergoing as we stand at the threshold of the New Age. Our collaborative intent was to bring clarity, reassurance, understanding and inspiration to orient, ground and support humankind as we undergo the rigors of releasing the old and opening to a new paradigm that baffles the linear, logical mind. “Making the Shift” is offered as a tool to help integrate the new frontier that we all face.

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Moriah Discusses Making the Shift- Part 1

Moriah discusses Making the Shift with Rahasya, from, part 1
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Moriah Discusses Making the Shift- part 2

Moriah discusses Making the Shift with Rahasya from , part 2

Moriah Discusses Making the Shift -Part 3

Moriah Discusses Making the Shift with Rahasya, from, part 3

New Book Release!

The School of the Golden Discs joyfully announces the launch of Moriah's new book, Making the Shift: A Field Guide to the Emerging Consciousness

The book is dedicated to Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan, with over flowing gratitude for his deep counsel, endless love; and for his transformative and constant PRESENCE as he tenderly leads me into the Mystery.—Moriah Marston

This book is dedicated to humanity to provide guidance and assurance; and catalyze the students’ shift into a greater consciousness—to ignite humankind’s potential to behold the grandeur of the New Cosmic Day.—the Tibetan. 

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