Letter To Our Community


School Founder and DirectorDear Friends,

We are keenly aware of the need to hold firm to our vision of assisting the Masters in bringing Light, Wisdom and Perspective to all interested in expanding their consciousness. Everyone is being called to contribute to the collective awakening process that we are experiencing.It is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture during these times of darkness, challenge, chaos and purification. This blackening stage (part of the overall process of alchemy that results in full transformation) can be very discouraging because it requires that we pass through painful pockets in the soul from past life traumas.

Collectively it seems that our challenges are increasing like never before. This is truly a time to hold steady with our vision, faith and understanding that this is part of an overall positive process of rebirth and liberation. The Tibetan emphasizes how we each, individually, can make a difference. Our responsibility is to our own awakened consciousness and the desire to share our heightened wisdom and insight with others. We are all important messengers and teachers.At the same time, we are truly a community of spiritual beings working diligently to master the human condition. Let us remember to reach out to each other and hold the perspective that indeed we can pass through these “fires” of awakening with trust, companionship, camaraderie and even JOY!

The Masters, the Angelic Force and our extraterrestrial friends are holding us through this rigorous process of collective transformation that will lead us into the emerging paradigm that the Tibetan calls the “New Cosmic Day.” It is our hope that through our Seminars and Chats a sense of community is developed so that we may be reassured that we are not alone in this potent process of cleansing and metamorphosis.

Please keep the Faith! We are on the right path. Let us remind each other that we agreed, before this incarnation, to be a vital member of the group of pioneers who hold the divine torch to light the way for the emergence of the Aquarian Age. Liberation is inevitable!
In Love and Light,
Moriah and Zayne

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