Chapter excerpt from EARTH SCHOOL: A Fresh Perspective on the Human Condition by Moriah Marston ©2006

I wonder how my life would change if I could fully release all levels of unworthiness. Many of us struggle with false beliefs like, “I’m not enough.” “I don’t deserve more.” “I should settle for less.” We may compensate for this deep sense of unworthiness through grandiosity and ego-inflation. Delusions of superiority are empty puff bubbles - feeble attempts to buffer a devastating sense of inferiority that relentlessly insists that we are not up to the task of whatever is expected of us from others, our Higher Self and God.

 Unworthiness, like a silent cancer infiltrating our thoughts, feelings and spirit, ultimately eats away at our birthright of self-acceptance, magnitude, abundance, unlimited joyful expression and success on every level. Consequently, we give ourselves away too easily, assuming that we should grab what we can because we don’t deserve the best. We sell our souls for security or a quick fix to stave off the inevitable hunger that arises from depriving ourselves of the genuine recognition of our unalterable core value—the essential gold within us.

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From the Eyes of a Child

Magical Child 2 
Chapter excerpt from Making the Shift: Field Guide to the Emerging Consciousness Volume 1

By Moriah Marston & the Tibetan,


Most of us are often entangled in adulthood. Daily demands of maturity override our innate childlike sparkle.  We believe that the inner child is less important than the adult self and fear that an unleashed inner child could dismantle our life. 


The Tibetan encourages us to embrace and acknowledge the magical child as the link into the new consciousness.  The magical child is the part of us that is pure, spontaneous, playful, fresh, excited, full of wonder, curious, trusting of the mystery, and wise.  In infancy and early childhood our psychic doors are wide open.  We see through the veils, hear the song of the Universe, are in contact with beloveds in spirit, and remember past lives.  


Then supersensory doors shut. The magical child is obscured under family and community conditioning, demands to be mature and responsible. As well, the child experiences a lack of support for the mystical perspective that validates the “imaginary realm” usually disdained by adults. In addition, an inevitable shattering of innocence—a trauma, crisis, or long-term wearing away of mystical play—plunges us onto the solemn ground of “reality.”  Sadly, the magical child is buried, sometimes forgotten for an entire lifetime. 


The adult runs the show and only “indulges” the inner child self on holidays, vacations, at the movies, and in fleeting moments when no one is looking. Our attachment to being credible, responsible and respected compels us to send our child self to her inner room, ignored and discounted. But then we get cranky for no reason and feel drab, staid and humorless. 


Who decided that the inner child should take the back seat to the adult? Aren’t they both equal in importance to our wholeness? To diminish the inner child as insignificant stultifies and deadens our central core where the magical child resides.  Energy is blocked, unable to stream through the magical child, creating a disturbing imbalance in the psyche. We forget that the magical child even exists, as a vague lackluster bestirs a yearning for something more in life. 


The magical child expresses our natural state of being. Society bridles the inner child’s wildness and conditions us to fear our unsophisticated, ingenuous, spontaneous, and unconstrained essential individuality.  Afraid of losing control and possibly being rejected by the community, we become tightly wrapped. We keep the magical child’s play at bay; we are determined not to be a fool. So the dismissed magical child, like a shy animal who lives in the woods, waits at the edge to be invited out.


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Are you having Fun?

By Moriah Marston 

In these times of challenging transformational pressure and global crisis, it’s easy to assume that having fun is the last item on our soul’s agenda. After all, there’s no time to waste in frivolity. We’re swamped with the demands of evolving the collective consciousness that require discipline, relentless introspection, cleansing and hard work. Where’s the option for amusement in the midst of this heavy soul labor?


Playing Hooky

Fearful that I’m slacking off on my cosmic duties during this critical time in history, I struggle with guilt if I spend too much time playing. If I indulge in unproductive, goal-less recreation, I feel like a kid playing hooky from school, fearful that teachers from the spirit plane are shaking their heads in disapproval of my indulgence. I know they’re working 24/7, so what gives me the right to squander precious energy on recess? 

We’re all in the “labor room” birthing the new consciousness which requires a monumental amount of focus and effort. There’s no opportunity for distracting leisure activities. But, I’m a joy hound and get cranky if my adult self imposes amusement restrictions. I chafe at its insistence that I clamp down into sobriety and austerity if I’m to progress up the Cosmic Ladder.


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The Razor's Edge

It is strange to consider that as our awareness widens, our path narrows. Early on in our experience on the earth plane innocence is bliss. Our youthful soul perspective on the human condition allows us lots of room for experimentation and exploration. This is the time to explore the many spiritual pathways available to us, just as children play dress-up and fantasize about all the possibilities that life may offer.

We have a broad range of experiencing to do in order to begin to attune to the true nature of the human condition. Although we are held in Lady Fate’s container, there is still much room to employ our free will as we stumble in and out of lifetimes of challenges, lessons, illusion, and development.


As we evolve and begin to understand and master the human condition, we are required to begin to refine our soul’s unique expression in form. Our pathway becomes a reflection of our individual soul’s mandate. This is a very specific differentiation from the Oneness that is Source.

Our awakening comes as our ego surrenders to our Higher Self. In this surrender, the ego accepts the function of focusing the unique quality of its Higher Self. At this point the path narrows as we embody the special soul energy that belongs to us individually.

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Follow Your Heart’s Wisdom

Chapter from Making the Shift: Field Guide to the Emerging Consciousness by Moriah Marston and The Tibetan

to order copy of Making the Shift contactThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Free shipping for Valentine's Day!


Our scientific orientation indicates that we are all basically the same; a general rule of thumb applies to everyone.  But we are entering the Age of Aquarius that emphasizes the uniqueness within each individual. The unfoldment of the new consciousness will take place within groups of highly individuated people. Therefore all generic responses, expectations and perspectives on how, who, what we should be and do become obsolete as we enter this new dimension in consciousness. 

            Many clients tell me that they simply don’t know in what direction to turn next. They are disenchanted with customary belief patterns and logical thinking because these only lead to old roads that have become dead ends.  We are in new territory, the terrain of the soul, and must acclimate ourselves to the best possible way to navigate this frontier. 

            In a way, divorced from the past, we are “on our own,” pioneering a completely new response pattern to the human condition.  While it may feel like we are floundering around without an anchor, we are actually breaking all barriers to greater alignment with our souls. This alignment provides an unsurpassable guidance.

            Although it is tempting to scurry back to the familiar, we would soon agitate in that tight box, filled with a sense that something is not quite right. We would feel out of sorts because intuitively we recognize that the heart is the base camp for our climb up today’s wondrous new mountain of possibility. The heart is the new terrain of evolution that reveals our destiny and encourages us to go for it. 

            This new paradigm heralds a time of infusion. We are called to bring heaven onto the planet, rather than ascend off the planet.  The way to fulfill this Divine Call is through the heart. The heart, our core access point, is the ultimate gateway into the new consciousness.   

            The Tibetan teaches that the heart is the central organizing principle that unfolds the Path; it connects our emotions with the mind and intuition. The heart is the true compass for our journey on the earth plane.  Although we may look to the heavens for guidance, the real conductor is the heart. It shepherds us through the travails of transformation while bathing us in a sea of love and compassion for the rigors of the process. 

            We need to observe whether we live by our heart or mind.  Do we honor the heart as the captain of our vessel? Or do we attempt to make it subservient to the will of our mental ego? What does it feel like to truly have an open heart?

            Many of us declare that we are connected to our hearts. Yet, we actually spend very little time orienting our compass to our heart’s messages and sensations.  Instead we ignore this vital Lighthouse of Guidance and beeline it to our lower minds to logically think our way through life. 

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Generosity of Spirit

Are you truly generous? Or, do you give yourself and others “just enough”—not a scrap more? Do attempts to be frugal make you tightfisted? Where do you stand on the polarity of generosity vs. stinginess?


Fear of scarcity makes us stingy. So we scrimp through life, not only pinching pennies but also weighing how much love, enjoyment, reward, free time, pleasure, relaxation, personal space and attention to give ourselves, as if these were extras in life and not the main meal. We believe: “I couldn’t possibly give that to myself—or I’d have to really earn it by depriving myself in other ways.” Must our self-generosity be balanced by deprivation? We’re so afraid of getting carried away. Strictness with ourselves, which also affects others, reflects fear of losing control of our wants/hungers. Convinced that generosity is dangerous, we dole out life in a measured fashion that eventually becomes iron fisted.


We assume that generosity might drain our resources. Actually, it’s enlivening. A lifetime of stinginess shrinks our world, tightens the heart and fills the belly with fear-limiting all possibilities. The generous YES that is our Divinity hardens into a constipated cement block in the soul as Source’s bounty atrophies into crumbs.


Spirit is generous. There’s no end to growth opportunities—the chance to start over again and again—to regenerate—to profoundly open up and overflow with love—to fill with a passion to serve others—to learn to treasure ourselves with a commitment to have everything that life has to offer Spirit is infinite. It demonstrates that Source is Generosity in Action and Being. 


How did the human race become so stingy? Stinginess is learned, based on fear of not-enoughness. We assume that life is made of sacrifices that purify us enough to be worthy of our Source—as  if there’s something fundamentally wrong with us that needs to be absolved by withholding from ourselves.


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Unconditional Joy

excerpted from Making the Shift: Field Guide to the Emerging Consciousness, Volume 2
by Moriah Marston & the Tibetan

Joy—what a familiar word, and yet such an infrequent experience for most people. What has removed us from our joy? As we rush through life, we often don’t take the time to feel a deep and constant level of happiness. Some of us don’t even know how to recognize the experience of true joy. And many of us simply don’t trust it.

 Are you ready for Unconditional Joy to be the essential background music to your life? Does this idea seem preposterous? If so, why?

Why do we condition ourselves to accept being just OK? Does the ceiling of OK give us enough “head room” for the crown chakra to expand and for our third eye to reach far vistas of possibility? We often feel crowded by life on the earthly plane, closed in by the dulling circumference of “not too bad.”

Many of us tend to unconsciously orient ourselves to the negative when scanning the personal barometer for our inner weather system. We assume that clouds, rain, sleet, hail will prevail over sunshine. It seems that clear skies in our psyches are usually crowded out by something “overcast” that blunts the brilliance of our birthright of Joy. So we slog through life forgetting to notice if we have fulfilled our joy potential. Instead we concentrate on just getting through the day and staying out of the clutches of depression, dread, emptiness, boredom and unhappiness.

Consequently, our innate measuring tools for Unconditional Joy have atrophied into feeble whispers that attempt to remind us of a state of profound well-being that seems to exist at an unreachable height. Instead we focus our perception of joy onto ephemeral moments of surface pleasures -- delicious while tasting but leaving a hollow, unfillable void. This void ultimately can only be satisfied by an extraordinary joy that is impervious to duality.

Unconditional Joy is so substantive that we can almost touch and taste it like sweet nectar. This Divine Delight has the power to propel us out of bed in the morning, immune to any painful emotional fallout from our dream state. Unconditional Joy extends our sense of possibility into the infinite –like an internal Rock of Gibraltar that steadies our soul on its extraordinary journey of evolution. Unfaltering Divine Joyance demonstrates the phenomenal way in which we are loved by Source and verifies the presence of angels who support our souls. Unconditional Joy’s mighty waterfall brings a smile to our face, even in challenging times, and trumpets a resounding YES that expands and sustains our life force. Our imagination is catalyzed; we are flooded with clear inner vision.

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the NEW EASE FACTOR: Lightening the Load of Burdensome Living

Chapter excerpt from MAKING THE SHIFT: Field Guide to the Emerging Consciousness, by Moriah Marston:

How often do we do things the hard way? What are the areas of our lives that most present themselves as difficult? Does life have to be so hard? Are we divinely mandated to slog through life with the weight of the world on our shoulders? The Tibetan encourages us to lighten up. But our experience tells us that it’s not that easy— or is it?

How do we make life harder than it needs to be? We each have a unique way of adding unnecessary difficulty to our experience. We may not even be aware that we are doing it. Most of us unconsciously collude with the collective expectation that life on the earth plane is strenuous as we automatically charge our experience with problems.

We brace ourselves for life's challenges. This makes us tighten up which constricts the flow of boundless life force and prevents us from accessing the energy we need. We are capable of extraordinary abilities but only when our energy faucet is fully open. Otherwise we only tap into a trickle of energy, usually because we believe that’s all that is available. This leads us to assume that we have to provide the other 99% through sweat and struggle which causes us to contract through excessive efforting which further restricts the flow of life force. This makes everything so much harder and prevents us from experiencing a much richer existence.

It shortens our life to expend unnecessary levels of tension-based energy. We often walk around with subliminal or overt levels of fatigue. Some of us wonder if Source wants us to be broken by travail because we feel flattened by life beaten down by vicissitudes. Doing things the hard way takes up our entire day and exhausts our precious energy. There is very little juice leftover.

So we just go plop, strangely satisfied that in battling life’s rigors we have somehow fulfilled our responsibility as human beings. Therefore we don’t have to be held accountable for making larger choices in life, such as the commitment to move into greater consciousness. It is all we can do to just get through the day with some kind of amiable acceptance of this difficult walk on the planet. Supposedly this relieves us of the need to really grow and evolve. We are too spent to go to the next level.

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Honoring death and transition, Opening to Renewal

An Afternoon of Sacred Celebration and Ceremony Saturday, March 24, 3:00-6:00 pm

As winter passes the torch (icicle maybe? lol) to spring on the equinox this week, come join us for an afternoon of sacred celebration and ceremony in Colrain.

Concurrent with March 24 and the seasonal shift is the death anniversary of our beloved guiding light, Moriah-Firestar. She left her body the morning of March 24, 2015. 3 years ago already!

Honoring death and transition, Opening to Renewal
The theme is to honor those who have passed away, and to carry on their spirit in our hearts as we open to renewal and rebirth. In complete acceptance of what is and what has been, we will set our intentions and allow the ceremonial fire, led by shaman Nancela, to transmute and liberate ourselves from any blockages to our awakened and renewed self.

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Celebrating the birth of Moriah-Firestar

As Capricorn passes the Sun to Aquarius on January 21, Moriah-Firestar was born this Sunday, 69 years ago, 2 months premature. Guess she couldn’t wait to get going in life. Lol. And what an Aquarian life she lived…


Birthdays were sacred to her. She always made them special, magical. Do something totally different from the norm that feeds the spirit was her approach. DO IT NOW before life passes by.


Rather than it be just another day to shrug off as a marked progression of our physical age, birthdays to her were something to really celebrate—an honoring of the soul through its mysterious journey in earthly life...


...A time to press the cosmic pause button of fast paced living; reflect, envision, and pay particular attention to messages during this birthday time through dreams, synchronistic encounters with people, animals, circumstance, the voice of a tarot, astrology reading, and…eat what you want, particularly chocolate cake with candles to blow wishes into.  


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MORIAH-FIRESTAR—my earth angel on loan! I”M SO GLAD you were born so we could love you even more in form while you we’re here…and celebrate your birthdays as you celebrate ours.

~ ~ ~


Before January whirrs by,  Here’s some school announcements of some upcoming events. Future offerings will be revealed later this winter.


Some Highlights (see below for details):


SOUND HEALING SATURDAY has been canceled for the January winter break and will resume its normal schedule, the third Saturday of each month,  February 17 with Sound Qigong, Kitan and a shamanic journey.


Zayne is offering a FREE Wisdom Healing Qigong class, commencing the  first of an 8 week, Sunday qigong program. this Sunday, January 21 Shelburne Falls Yoga , 11:00-12:15 pm. 


Also offering a similar qigong program for healing and recovery, hosted by the Recover Project in Greenfield. Studio is located at 1 Osgood St, first floor every Wednesday 3:15—5:00 pm though February. By donation.

Host a Chi Party! Summon Zayne to teach qigong in your own home! Contact Zayne for details. 


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New Moon and Solar Eclipse

Sunday, August 20th at 5 pm   Pot Luck and Fire Ceremony

Join us on this day for a Ceremony to gather and create sacred space for connection and healing.  

August 7th, we had a full moon lunar Eclipse:  a perfect opportunity for purging our shadows; illuminating those beliefs that have been interfering with our evolution.  It is time to release suffering involved in relationships, discharging physical and emotional pain and grief. This is a time for deep self-diagnosis, evaluating our true purpose.  A time we are giving permission to our soul for full expression and liberation.  Time to sow the seed of unfolding our true authentic self; true purpose.  These energies provide us opportunities to heal, and unplug from distractions.  Time to create new patterns; integrate the changes and self-reflection and exploration in the heart.

With the Fire we have an opportunity to literally and energetically burn that which we wish to release and offer prays and intentions.  May we shed the old stories from the past and release locked in energies of grief and pain.  May we have the courage to face our fears and own our projections and offer them over to the Fires of Transformation.

New Moon on August 21st:

The new moon phase is an optimal time for planting and seeding your intentions. Seedlings need a period of gestation before they break through the soil and reach for the sunlight.  The New Moon is a time of Rebirth and Growth; time to create something new and honoring the sacred Feminine.   Time for shedding the old stories of our past, and setting new intentions.

This is also true for cultivating our ideas and clearing the way for our visions to surface and become our new reality.

The dark side of the moon, with its mysterious unseen forces, offers a nurturing environment where our longings can establish roots. These miraculous manifestations begin to sprout and reach out to the stars as the moon continues its cycle.

When it comes to setting goals or planning ahead for your future, there is no better time to get started than during the new moon. Intentions and longings stated out loud or written down on paper, hold power, so please take care in considering those things that you truly want. The saying "Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it," is a fair warning whenever setting your new moon intentions into motion.

The Eclipse takes us deep into overview of our patterns that needs to be brought to the light; thrusts us into the depth to work with the unconscious material.  It opens our awareness of our inner consciousness.  We tend to look at the outside world as a reflection of ourselves; now is the time to look deep within.  It is a cleansing process at a cellular level.  Look at what is arising within our ego material, and separation beliefs. 

This Eclipse is teaching us humility; light/darkness; empty/ fullness that is cast upon the world to the time of darkened womb.  Opens us to the great turning that is coming about.  This event allows us to purify; recalibration of what is our true purpose?

This is the time to clear the baggage; give away unnecessary matter, beliefs; purge; get to the core.  Where there is not light on Earth, in that state of perfect balance, a gateway is opening.  Hold in your mind and in your heart your deepest vision of self, the world.  Crystalize and hold the dream without attachment.

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Releasing the Old Stories and Living the Life of Your Soul’s Expression

   Releasing the Old Stories and Living the Life of Your Soul’s Expression

4 Week Shamanic Workshop

With the intensity that is occurring in the collective and on the Earth, it is time for us to come home into our soul. The Pachamama wants her children home now. It is time to take our rightful place on Earth. It is our birthright to fully express our soul, our light, and our love in order to create a world of peace and unity. It is our birthright to shine as brightly as the stars above us. It is time to share our light again. It is the time to liberate ourselves from the old stories and begin the life we are entitled to live, a life of freedom and joy.

This workshop will explore the following concepts:

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Shamanic Explorations

Click Here for Shamanic Class Offerings!

This page is under construction more information coming soon!


Honoring Moriah on the Day of her Passing

To embody our magnitude is to heal the world--Moriah Marston

Moriah passed into spirit two years ago today, March 24. Since the morning of her transition and subsequent mourning of her passing, life has never been the same for many of us and understandably so.

Who, what and how could possibly fill the void that was left in the wake of her departure from earthly life? This was my pressing question of the day, everyday, as we all; community, friends, family, even cashiers at the local food coop and village bank tellers reeled in bewilderment.

And how could our beloved guiding light—full of such goodness, radiance, laughter, inspiration, brilliance, love, devotion and sparkling presence, just…die and disappear—wrenched from our earthly life. No negotiation. Gone…But REALLY? Death, the great teacher, poses many questions and riddles.

But this trial of heartbreak and life inversion hasn’t necessarily been a bad thing as the crushing loss and ensuing dark night would suggest. Death can vivify life and the deeper truth of existence so deeply. And, like the end of a Charles Dickens story, the dots begin to connect and display a cosmic tapestry of which I am now so grateful to be a part.

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Coming Back! In retreat with Master Mingtong

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A Retreat Experience at the Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY, by Zayne Marston


 To my amazement, I turned 65 in September. As a gift, I attended five days of Wisdom Healing Qigong with our joyful and inspiring teacher, healer and qigong master Mingtong Gu at the beautiful, accommodating campus of Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY (Sept 19-23).

Two of my qigong students joined me! It was exciting to share the chi experience and to know that the transmissions will enrich the chi field back home in Western MA where we practice Wisdom Healing Qigong.

Teaching assistants, Luisa de Castro and Suan Armstrong from Connecticut helped support the program. Many thanks for their gracious presence and attention to our needs.

Auspiciously, the Autumnal Equinox crept in halfway through the retreat and ushered in the energy of change and seasonal shift. The interplay of sunlight and the emerging leaf colors cast a magical shimmer to the atmosphere.

Change and transformation were definitely afoot as the days progressed. Here are some reflections.

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Remembering Arline

Remembering our friend
Arline Smeal
August 1, 1937-September 1, 2016
forever in the rainbow light

Pink Roses, by Arline Smeal. Copyright 2012

Last Thursday, our beloved Arline Smeal made her transition to the Rainbow Light. The Tibetan assures us that he "carried her home, and that while her transition (please use care when clicking this link) is perhaps difficult to understand or comprehend, it was in Divine Order, her work was done. She was fully embraced by the Light and presence of God, and All is Well. "

Arline is remembered both by neighbors and friends in her building and by ourselves as a loving, caring, compassionate being, who extended that care to all she encountered.

We honor  her humor, her joy, her spirit and her extreme dedication to the School and the teachings of Moriah and the Tibetan over many years.   There is so much to say about Arline and we invite you to share your thoughts and memories on our website memorial page, or on Facebook. 

Arline, we will miss you, your loving spirit, your joy, enthusiasm and supreme dedication to your Path. Thank you for being a teacher, friend, guide, cheerleader, healer, emissary of the light, and companion with us. We send you buckets and buckets of RAINBOW LIGHT! RAINBOW LIGHT! RAINBOW LIGHT!  

           Arline offers rainbow light energy healing. 

May you find a beautiful peace in your eternal connection with Yanim, DK, the Tibetan and all of your Arcturian and Celestial friends, loved ones and guides.  Say hi to Moriah for us. 
We miss you already. 

Love always, 
your transformational times family. 

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