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Soul Based Spiritual Support and Qigong Energy Healing Sessions with Zayne Marston


Zayne Marston, MA, co-founded the School of the Golden Discs, a center for psychological-spiritual inquiry  in 1991 with his wife, Moriah.  

For the past 24 years he has served as Director of this thriving community, facilitiating workshops, individual sessions, seminars, weekend intensives, and qi-gong classes.  

His warm, caring presence and supportive deep listening help clients feel quickly at ease and supported in a loving container for transformational process. 

Drawing on  his studies of psychological and sociological principles, qi-gong and internal martial arts, Zayne  specializes in using movement, sound, breath and intention to move energy through the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies.  

A life(times) long metaphysician, Zayne uses his profound gifts as well as his natural and well cultivated intuitive link with the Masters and the Higher Planes in a cosmic dance of spiritual artistry to accompany and support others in their transformational processes.  

A gifted writer, he is the author of the popular qigong for Health, Healing and Happiness blog, as well as numerous articles in print and online publications.  He offers qi-gong for healing and happiness classes each week in Greenfield and Colrain, and has produced a new video for home study. 

 To book a spiritual psychotherapy with qigong session with Zayne, please click HERE



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