Our Founder, Moriah Marston

Moriah Marston School of the Golden DiscsIt seems like a fairy tale as I reflect back upon the early beginnings of the School of the Golden Discs. It was 1991 when Moriah and I first seeded her vision to open a mystery school , to cultivate multi-dimensional consciousness and enter into the vast domain of the soul.

A major purpose of the School was to anchor the teachings and transmissions of the Tibetan in form and disseminate.

Another thrust was to build a community of kindred spirits, to foster cosmic camaraderie where we could share our transformation process and dialogue about the challenges and breakthroughs encountered through opening to the new paradigm of consciousness.

Feeling a cosmic nudge from the Tibetan (Djwhal Khul, our dear headmaster) to open the School, Moriah agreed to commit, but only if she had a partner. As fate would have it, we mysteriously met six months later in March 1991, and I joined the quest.

Magic happens!

October 1991 we began our first channeled Q&A, Chat with the Tibetan in the living room of our home in Montague Center, MA. It was just five of us then, including two friends of Moriah I had recently met, Nancy Howe and Nina Simolita; and a friend of mine, Gregg Crawford, who I invited after a talk, heart deep in the YMCA swimming pool.

We recorded each session on cassette tapes and began to grow our library of metaphysical thought—the contemporary teachings of Djwhal Khul for whom Moriah was a conscious channel.

I remember asking the Tibetan, Why Moriah? And he playfully replied that aside from her brilliant psychological filter, she was also an unruly Aquarian, which was apparently just the right ingredient needed for breaking up the status quo—the crust of collective consciousness that encases the emerging paradigm of great possibility and enlightened consciousness. Lol.

I remember one of the first topics the Tibetan spoke of was that time was speeding up.  We couldn’t quite relate until a couple of years later when the acceleration was undeniable.

DK-Ville and the Core Program

During the next year we had Chats every Sunday followed by tea and treats and passionate discussion. A community of kindred souls began to constellate around this shared experience. We called it DK-Ville, and a new language developed around these metaphysical explorations.

This led to our first, highly transformative 9-month Core Program of soul connection and consciousness expansion a year later. We met three days per month from Sept- 1992 to June 1993.

 Magic happened in this program through the alchemy of group synergy, Moriah’s guidance and insight, and the Tibetan’s energy and profound teachings. This inspired us to continue with the in-depth program intensives and seminars.

Oh yes, at break time we traveled to power spots, the natural wonders of the region, to help ground the experience and enhance the vibration. I called this essential component, Stalking the Magical Realm.

School moves to Shelburne Falls


The School followed our move to Shelburne Falls in 1994 and we spent the next 13 years giving monthly Chats with the Tibetan and seminars based upon topics generated through Moriah’s widely acclaimed 10 year column in Wisdom Magazine called Soul Connection. 68 of over 80 of these brilliant articles were compiled into Moriah’s second book, Earth School: A Fresh Perspective of the Human Condition ©2006.

 Moriah’s first and riveting autobiographical book was previously published in 2002, Soul Searching with Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan.

For several years we published a journal, Transformational Times, filled with articles from Moriah and the Tibetan and enriched with poetry, illustrations, Zayne’s qigong column, True Confessions of a Chi Addict, and contributions from our community. As our web presence increased and technology took hold more, the journal went electric and evolved to an e-zine.