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Sadly, Moriah passed away to cancer March 24, 2015. Please enjoy the Program of Ceremony and these writings about Moriah that were presented during her Celebration of Life Ceremony, April 18, 2015. Also please feel free to enter any comments after each writing you wish to share about her and her affect on your life. Thank you for visiting our site and stay tuned for new offerings from the School of the Golden Discs. Moriah's legacy of Love, Joy, and Possibility is deeply felt. The Great Works of the School will continue…Stay tuned!
Love to all,

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Our Founder, Moriah Marston

Moriah Marston School of the Golden DiscsIt seems like a fairy tale as I reflect back upon the early beginnings of the School of the Golden Discs. It was 1991 when Moriah and I first seeded her vision to open a mystery school , to cultivate multi-dimensional consciousness and enter into the vast domain of the soul.

A major purpose of the School was to anchor the teachings and transmissions of the Tibetan in form and disseminate.

Another thrust was to build a community of kindred spirits, to foster cosmic camaraderie where we could share our transformation process and dialogue about the challenges and breakthroughs encountered through opening to the new paradigm of consciousness.

Feeling a cosmic nudge from the Tibetan (Djwhal Khul, our dear headmaster) to open the School, Moriah agreed to commit, but only if she had a partner. As fate would have it, we mysteriously met six months later in March 1991, and I joined the quest.

Magic happens!



LOVE Story 

Delivered at her Celebration of Life Ceremony, April 18, 2015 
Shelburne-Buckland Community Center, Shelburne Falls, MA


I remember that night distinctly. It was February of 1991. I was living in Montague Center, MA at the time. It was about 2:OO am and I couldn’t sleep. Something drew me to the window facing Main Street. I noticed a woman walking under a streetlight with an unleashed German Shepherd by her side. Her hair was wild and curly—afro-like. I studied her intently as she disappeared around the corner.

It left me wondering; who was this mysterious creature of the night, walking with her familia when everyone sleeps? I also wondered what drew me to the window in my restless state at that very moment.

Well, about a month later a woman called, responding to an ad-flyer, LOSE WEIGHT, GAIN ENERGY I had pinned to the post office bulletin board. She wanted to purchase my product! (the only person that ever responded to my ad, by the way). During our lively conversation I was struck how we couldn’t stop talking. There was an uncanny resonance—like I knew her.

When she finally dropped by the house, to my amazement she turned out to be the person that was walking that late winter evening. My goodness! I felt in that moment that Destiny knocked on my door. To make a long story short, we married exactly 23 years ago today!!! And what a journey it’s been…

To be wedded to Moriah was like hopping on a fast moving train that doesn’t stop for stations. No time to catch my breath. Just be in the moment was the only way to manage the velocity of our soul trajectory. We titled our marriage. “Two fools on a foolhardy quest for mystical union.” And so it began…

Our Headmaster: Ascended Master Djwhal Khul (The Tibetan)

tibetan mediumThe primary binding influence of this school is Ascended Master Djwhal Khul ( DK). He is also known as the Tibetan. Recognized for his seminal, metaphysical teachings transmitted to Alice Bailey during the last century, this master of wisdom is known as the “Great Psychologist" among the group of ascended masters from the spirit plane who assist the evolution of humanity. They are dedicated to the restoration and implementation of the Divine Plan on earth.

The Tibetan is bringing forth new teachings relevant to these times. Moriah Marston, a soul-based psychotherapist, is one of the channels who is receiving transmissions of this revolutionary body of thought and refreshing vantage point on the human soul. Master Djwhal Khul oversees and guides the overall program with love, wisdom, tenderness, originality, compassion, humor and profound inspiration.

Moriah's vision quest for School of the Golden Discs

discOn a vision quest in 1990, Moriah Marston journeyed with a group to the sacred sites of Greece in a reenactment of the Eleusinian Mysteries. It was in Delphi that Moriah had a vivid dream of spinning golden discs, which inspired her to start a mystery school.

The golden discs are objects found in ancient Greek art and covered with mysterious symbols. According to the ascended masters the golden discs are time capsules of ageless wisdom. They are buried in the earth near Lake Titicaca in Peru. The information within these golden discs is programmed to be revealed to humankind during this momentous time in history. It is in the domain of the Greater Mysteries in which the human spirit dwells that the School of the Golden Discs is founded.

The Acceleration and Paradigm Shift

The acceleration we are feeling now that we have entered the third millennium brings us increased chaos, crisis and opportunity. We have a choice to creatively work with these heightened energies rather than be overwhelmed by chaos. We live in a period of history where there is a major paradigm shift occurring on the planet that will result in a New World Order and the New Human Being.