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Communicating with Nature Spirits, Anna Brahms

Saturday, Aug 24, 10:00-4:30 pm

Anna's description, workshop intention:

In this workshop we will explore a few of the many groups of nature spirits.They have many names - fairies, devas, elementals, elves, little people, Sidhe etc. 

We’ll invite the elementals - sylphs (air elementals), salamanders (fire elementals), undines (of the water), gnomes (of the earth). Some of them are willing and eager to communicate with us.

They wish to enter into a relationship of friendship/ collaboration with us to become our allies in healing our bodies, our lives, and our earth. These beings are benevolent and wise beyond our imagination.

As we invite them, we will practice how recognize their presence when they approach us. Not many humans can see them, but we all can sense their presence. We will initiate a conversation, listen, open and EXPAND. 

This is a journey of PURE JOY. Come as your magical child (or bring her along), innocent, open, and willing to play. 



 To read our July newsletter and workshop description, click HERE

Collaborate with the transition into the new paradigm by using the imagination to look through the eyes of the magical child who gives permission to exist in the magical realm and brings a playfulness that opens the channel for access to higher realms of consciousness. 

 --Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan  

Read more about the magical child: From-the-eyes-of-a-child

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Reverend Daniel Neusom, Channel for the Holy Spirit 

Saturday, Sept 14 1:30-5:00 pm

Infinite Deservingness-The Reality and Will of God!
A Master Class with Arc Angel Michael through the channel of Rev. Daniel Neusom
Read about Rev. Daniel's Workshop in the August newsletter HERE

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