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Sound Healing Saturday!

   November 14, 2015


Please join us for the first in a monthly series of Sound Healing Saturdays. Each month will feature a workshop promoting different ways to use the Sound Current to facilitate one's spiritual, physical or emotional growth processes, followed by a concert or kirtan and potluck meal.  A great way to gather in spiritual community for healing and recreation. All are welcome, offered on a donation basis. 

                                         SCHEDULE OF EVENTS FOR 11/14/15

FREE INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP 2:00-2:45pm – 5 Organ Sound Healing Qigong

When applied in focused ways, sound can move energy through the body to heal, strengthen, invigorate and restore our internal processes and organs to a state of health.  This powerful practice brings balance and clarity on emotional, spiritual, physical and mental levels. Join Qigong Teacher and Director of the Transformational Times Center Zayne Marston, for an introduction to his new  upcoming workshop series based on the Teachings of Dr. MingTung Gu of the popular Shift Network. 

free workshop, donations accepted but not required. 


KIRTAN AND SINGING BOWL CONCERT  with the Seven Sisters Kirtan Band  

Kirtan is an ancient spiritual practice of call and response chanting the names of the Divine to focus the mind and open the heart. No previous singing experience required. Allow the sound of soothing instrumental and vocals, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and devotional atmosphere to take you deeper into your own heart.  Come Relax, Meditate, or Chant with us! The Seven Sisters Kirtan sings regularly throughout the Valley and beyond. Join us  on 11/14 for our first Hilltown Kirtan!

Suggested donation: $10-20. All are welcome regardless of ability to pay.


Optional Potluck Dinner- 4:30-6:00pm  Meet, greet and share in  delicious community.



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