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Our school is situated in northwestern Massachusetts, just south of the Vermont border, and is approximately a 2 hour drive west of Boston and a 31/2 hour drive north of NYC. It is located about 12 miles west of Greenfield, MA, easily accessed by two major highways: interstate 91 (exit 26) to the east and Rt. 2—the Mohawk Trail to the south. The school property is embraced by the ancient highlands of the Berkshires and the foothills of the Green Mountains of Vermont.

The clear, strong frequencies and “magnetics” of the land help augment and enhance our spiritualizing process. The riveting views and clean wild beauty of the surroundings imbue us with the feeling of living in another dimension—far away from the static of daily life. In this sense, the School also serves as a sanctuary, a nourishing oasis for the soul.

Students can commune with the healing energies of Mother Nature and walk the land, comprised of an old apple orchard and many acres of magical forest. Mystical mists often form in the river valley far below, swirling upward and sifting through the apple trees that surround the school's Breathtaking Studio. Thus the property is named, "Apple-on" because of its similarity to the setting described in the book, The Mists of Avalon, by Marion Zimmer Bradley.